Ep 21 Layout a Day: The Podcast – Talking Video with Noell Hyman!

by Lain Ehmann on October 7, 2011


21 episodes and still going strong! Today we’re talking to one of my absolute favorite people in the scrapbooking industry, Noell Hyman. Not only is she a True Scrap instructor, she’s an amazing scrapbooker and teacher, and she’s darned cute, too. :) In today’s episode:

  • How online video for scrapbookers has changed over the past few years
  • Why the Barney theme song fits this episode so well
  • How Noell breaks down her process to make it easy for others to follow
  • What you can expect to learn in Noell’s class on “Design Your Story with Embellishment Gatherings

Links mentioned in this episode:

Scrapbook Update

Paperclipping Roundtable

P.S. Ready to sign up for True Scrap? Do it now so you can be included in the virtual crop next Friday, 10/14!


  • Anonymous

    Hey Carol-
    Thanks for letting me know! I wonder if Scrapbookupdate.com is blocking incoming links, as I have tried to fix it like four times and even when I put in the right link (checked and double-checked) when I publish the post it gives that error message! In any case, the url is http://www.scrapbookupdate.com.

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