Ep 22 Layout a Day – The Podcast: Trendy Trends

by Lain Ehmann on October 12, 2011


Do you like to keep up with trends?
Do you feel overwhelmed by the constant changes in trends?

Today I talk about trends and how to make them work in  your layouts.
Join me to find out …

*  how the television series Mad Men can inspire your scrapbooking,

*  how changes in scrapbook supplies encouraged heavy metal,

*  what should be the focus of your layouts,

* why I sound like I’m talking to my 6th grader, and

* what the downside of being overly trend happy is.

Have you signed up for Spawn of True Scrap yet? What are you waiting for? It starts
a week from this Thursday! Eeek! We’re into single digit count down! Don’t miss out!
It’s going to be Fabulously Scrappy!!!






  • Debalee21

    Hi Lain,
    Enjoyed Trendy Trends tonight, I had a little smile to myself as I remembered my trend of all trend was eyelets I think I’ve got thousands of them, all sorted out into little contains and I don’t think I’ve used them for about 3 years or more but I must admit I do love to look through them when I get sidetracked find the eyelets before I find what I’m looking for.

  • Anonymous

    I DID THE SAME THING! I finally got rid of them in one of my recent moves. Kept some of the bigger ones for use on altered books and minialbums… Oh, the number of times I DROPPED those little plastic containers and had to re-sort! ;)

  • Lynnette

    Super awesome podcast today!  Tons of great content.  I’ve been doing some sewing on my layouts and trying some clusters.  Back before my first LOAD, I was convinced I really couldn’t scrapbook unless I had a cricut.  So, my hubby bought me one and I got some cartridges and now I barely use it.  It’s so much easier and faster to use some alphabet stickers or thickers (ACK…another trend??) instead.  Luckily, I didn’t go crazy buying cartridges and it was purchased after the price came down a lot.   It does come in handy sometimes, but it is not the “must have” I thought it would be.  I’d like to try some misting.  Luckily, that won’t cost as much as a cricut!

  • Anonymous

    Francine’s misting class for True Scrap is going to be amazing – I previewed the video and she’s got TONS of great stuff in there! And I hear you on the Cricut. I had a Silhouette and sold it b/c I never used it… trying not to fall into buying another Silhouette HD! :)

  • http://twitter.com/scrapworthy Stephanie MedleyRath

    Great episode! I’ve been practicing a minimalist approach to scrapbooking. My minimalist approach means using what I have and not buying new stuff. Now, I’m not perfect and have bought some new supplies since I started this challenge in April, but now I know so much better what I use (e.g., ribbon), what I don’t use (e.g., rub-ons), and what sorts of supplies I am missing from my stash (e.g., red letter stickers). I am having so much fun pulling out really old pattern paper (which they conveniently add a copyright date on so you know exactly how old it is), and figuring out how to use it. I completely agree that by not jumping on every trend you can figure out what your style actual is. I do like to try new things, too, so I did buy some washi tape and have to say, it is one of my new go-to items. 

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t it make it easier to sort through trends to see what might work for you? Seriously, since I pared down I like my scrapbook pages better! :)

  • a1983alaskan

    LOL!   Okay, I’ll confess—I go for the trends.  When I first started scrapping back in the ’70′s, I was the queen of decorative scissors.  Hasn’t that trend now been updated to border punches?  (Except I don’t use my border punches on my photos like I did the deco scissors!)
    And let’s not even talk about ribbon!  I have three drawers overfull of ribbons!!!  And I barely use them on my layouts.  :-Anywho,  the podcast (which I must admit was the first one I have sat through) really struck a chord with me :-)  Thanks so much, ‘Lain.  I just love your voice (wish I could watch your fun facial expressions at the same time), and you are always right on top of our craft :-)

  • SusanB

    This was a very timely topic for me.  I’ve noticed lately that I’ve purchased a lot of things that really aren’t “me”.  I like the items when other people use them but they just don’t fit into my style (which your LOAD challenges have really helped me define!).  I’m going to stop buying supplies for a bit since I already have so much as it is and will try to use up those trendy items in small doses.  I think it will be easier to complete pages when I don’t get overwhelmed with all the choices in paper, stickers, etc.  Thanks for another great podcast ~ I really enjoy them!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a trend girl too, to some extent. I LOVED my deco-edge scissors! And I’m seriously going to try punching the edges of a photo… Thanks for listening!

  • Anonymous

    Susan, i think we all go through this. It’s fun to buy things and it all looks SO GOOD! So full of potential! But what next…? And it can be hard to say “no.” Good for you for working to figure out what is really YOUR style! :)

  • Iceteeeeee

    I am trying to be more discriminating, but I get sucked in a lot! It makes me happy, but I know I need to rein it in some! Thanks for a great podcast, as always. See you at True Scrap!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, if it makes you happy… go for it! :)

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