Ep 24 Layout a Day – The Podcast: In the Mirror

by Lain Ehmann on October 26, 2011


Welcome back!

Have you looked at your scrapbooks
lately? Are you in them? Are you afraid to include
yourself in your pages? Have you wondered how to
put yourself into your scrapbooks? Well, you are in
luck! Today we are talking about how to
make sure you are in your scrapbooks.

Listen along as I explain

* why I say ‘my baby rocks’,

* what is coming up next,

* why a photo of your feet could be important,

* which questions do you need to ask yourself to make sure
you are in your own scrapbooks and,

* why it’s so important to dig just a little bit deeper for your pages.

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November 13.

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Have a wonderfully ScrapHappy week! See you
here next Wednesday!

  • Jennifer

    I have not had a chance to list to your podcast yet, but I am looking forward.  The snippet about taking pictures of your feet caught my attention.  Again, I am not sure what it is all about, but my family was recently somewhere for a day trip and though it was not warm enough for swimming we took off our shoes and socks.  I took pictures of the kids and my husbands feet in the water and then my husband grabbed the camera and took some pictures of my feet.  Luckily I had just had a pedicure so they looked cute.  Can’t wait to make a page out of those pictures.

  • Sherrie M.

    I’m listening to this twice because you had such great story ideas that I need to write them down.  So sorry about your mom – I can’t even imagine how hard that is on her and all of you.  You’ve inspired me to write more about myself though….first step, I signed up for your November class. See you then!

  • Marina D-K

    First thank you so much for your openness here and at other times in sharing your experience with your Mom. I am so very sorry. This podcast really hit extremely close to home for me. I have been telling myself that TrueScrap was my last “class” for the year but I made need to renege and sign up for this one.

  • Anonymous

    Thank YOU, Marina-
    Remember, if you signed up for True Scrap before 9/30, you will get this class for free. :) Hope to see you there!

  • Sherrie M.

    Lain, I signed up for True Scrap before 9/30….and I just paid for Your Story Matters…..What do I do?

  • Anonymous

    Sherrie, email Angie at lain@layoutaday.com and explain it to her. Forward your receipt so we can process refund.

  • Debalee21

    Hi Lain,
    I have been thinking a lot about “Your Story Matters” and am really looking forward to it. 
    I knew I had purchased a book on how to scrapbook pages of “ME” but knew I had lent it some one but didn’t think I got it back.
    Well yesterday I started going through all my scrapbooking books and OMG I found it and even more surprising it is “The Book of Me” by Angie Pedersen and I have had it since 2002.
    I was  so excited I started reading it straight away, and am enjoying every bit of it so come on 13th November.
    I also found a few other book that I had forgotten I had so they are now next to my bed to read.
    Thanks for all the encouragement.

  • Anonymous

    That is too funny about the book. I did the same thing just the other day, but a different book. Hoping to see you in class November!

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