Ep 45 Layout a Day: The Simple Scrapbooking Podcast – It’s All Too Much!

by Lain Ehmann on April 27, 2012


scrapbooking podcastIt’s time for the next episode of Layout a Day: The Simple Scrapbooking Podcast! Today, we’re talking about overwhelm in our scrapbooking. Lately, I’ve been feeling like what started as a pretty straightforward thing — documenting our memories on a scrapbook layout — has gotten WAY too complicated. You with me?

In this episode, we’ll talk about:

  • The reasons scrapbooking has suddenly gotten really complicated.
  • How the amount of choices we have actually DECREASES our satisfaction.
  • Why more options layers the level of complexity involved in our favorite hobby.
  • What word gives me the heebie-jeebies.
  • …and much, much more!

Links in this episode:

simple scrapbooking layouts

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  • http://twitter.com/SusanB722 SusanB722

    Thanks for an inspiring and thought-provoking podcast. I completely agree that all the choice in products, styles, methods & reasons can be overwhelming, almost paralyzing. I constantly remind myself that I just want my family (now and future generations) to know that I love them and to get a glimpse of what our lives are like. They won’t care that I used the latest and greatest products, that my paper didn’t exactly match the photos, that I used or didn’t use a specific technique. LOAD definitely helps to remind me of that too. Really looking forward to starting it again next week!
    (Oh, I didn’t do “week in the life” either. I felt a little guilty at first seeing everyone blogging and tweeting about it but I got over it!)

  • Transport7800

    Thank you , thank you , thank you for allowing me to acknowledge my frustration with the rate and speed of the growth of scrapbooking products and ideas.  I have long been frustrated with my Cricut, simply because before I could even master the original Cricut there was the Cricut Expression and then the Cricut Create and then the Silhouette and who knows at this point how many other machines there are by now.  I have yet to learn it, some say it is simple, but I wouldn’t know simply because I am so overwhelmed.  I have Nestabilities, I have the Revolution, the Cuttlebug, the Your Story all of which are rarely if ever used because I am a hands on learner and I have yet to find someone to just take me through them once so I can catch on.  I get frustrated with people wanting me to post the name brands of paper and products..I feel like..who cares?  I just want to get my scrapbooking done.  THere are groups where I could qualify to post some layouts EXCEPT  I did not use a particular product or stamp set.  It is discouraging when they want things to be specific to their product.  I guess I understand they want to promote it but I just want to scrapbook.
    That is why I enjoyed the Load 212.  I didn’t get to do much due to my dad being sick and ending up on Hospice with me the primary caregiver but I wrote all the prompts down and you always gave the freedom of interpretation for the  prompts and even said basically ,,”Hey if you did a layout that had nothing to do with the prompt post it anyway”  the idea being just scrap..I appreciated that so much.
    It feels good to know that even a professional in the industry feels these things.  Thanks again!  I feel vindicated..:)

  • Michele in La

    … and this will be why you will be remembered as the “Queen of Common Sense” in the scrapbooking world and why we all keep coming back for your words of wisdom :). 

    All Hail Queen Lain :)!

  • SheriE

    I was just thinking this last night as I tried to put together a 2 page layout with too many options. I finally just walked away and will come back to it when I’m not overwhelmed. I love all the colors, textures, patterns etc out there but could never use, much less buy them all. And then something new comes out. 

  • vannarya

     this is good for someone to do

  • Tchk/Teresa

    Hi, Lain! I came over here after asking what this “LOAD” I kept reading about at TwoPeas was.

    This looks fabulous, but I teach high school seniors so May is totally crazy for me. Will you be offering this again in July? That is my “resting up” time and I could actually attempt a layout a day then.

    Either way I am going to start listening to the podcasts, probably on my drive to school each day. They look really interesting!

    Thanks for all you offer!

  • Lainehmann

    Hey there! Unfortunately, this is the last public LOAD challenge of 2012. Next one will be Feb of 2013.
    Good luck with those seniors!

  • Nikwai Noble

    I was so intrigued with the timing of this podcast.  I am very overwhelmed with my scrapbooking and getting nothing accomplished, so I knit.  I have so many stories to tell.  My family is in the process of relocating, adjusting to mommy back in the workforce, chasing a toddler, and making a baby.  I have probably scrapbooked 5 pages in the past year that I love, but I need a sort of fresh start.  I hope this move to the small town will give me more time to enjoy my supplies and get my daughter involved in the process.  She is quite interested in my supplies and I think it would be something else for us to do with our time that we could enjoy.  I don’t think I’ve allowed myself to have enough fun because I feel like I should have already scrapbooked her first year. (She turns 2 in June.) I also feel like I need to get started so I don’t feel guilty when the new baby arrives in August. This has given me something to think about.  I’ll have a new room to use for my crafting and this was just what I needed to hear to give me that jumpstart in the right direction of not letting my craft and relaxtion tool make me feel bad or behind.  Thank you.

  • Lainehmann

    Nikwai, NO GUILT! I know many scrapbookers who are only now creating “baby” albums for their babies who are now in their 20s. ANY page you create for your little ones will be cherished – and is one more than they’d have if you hadn’t created it. 
    I suggest starting even smaller than an ambitious first year album. What about gathering 12 photos, one from each month, and scrapbooking those in a smaller-sized mini-album? Then you can say, “The first year is done!” And go back in more depth if you have time and inclination.
    You can have a re-set or a fresh start any time you want. You have my permission. :) 

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  • Nikwai Noble

    That is a wonderful idea. I have plenty of mini albums and tons of photos I should be able to accomplish thAt. What a great idea on the day that we are waiting on ink for my printer. I can also work on both at the same time with out feeling guilt of 12 by 12 page.

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