Review: Memory Logbook from Log Your Memory

by Lain Ehmann on November 16, 2010

What if you had a way to quickly story your family’s stories in an easy-to-use format, that you could refer to again and again for layout ideas?

What if this system was small enough to fit in your purse, but large enough to fit your layout sketches, page ideas, and notes?

Well, search no more… your prayers have been answered! I opened my mail the other day to discover this:

The very talented Kristin Rutten, owner and writer behind Log Your Memory, has come up with the perfect solution for scrapbookers everywhere! The Memory Logbook 2011: Half-Year Combo Set (first half of the year pictured above) is perfect for jotting quick notes, keeping track of important appointments (scrapbooking- and non-scrapbooking-related), sketching designs, writing shopping lists, and more.

Here’s what I love about the Memory Logbook 2011: Half-Year Combo Set:  

  • The small, 6×8″ format, perfect for perfect for taking with you or stashing in the car!
  • Variety of calendar options inside the book itself (month-at-a-glance or weekly spreads)
  • Questionnaires and page prompts for lots of journaling ideas (“Today’s Prices,” “Birthday Memories,” “Monthly Check-up” all include a dozen or more questions to capture the details of the event)
  • Weekly challenges section for going deeper in your scrapbooking
  • Also available as a Memory Logbook 2011: Full Year Download (so you can print and bind your own) or as a Memory Logbook 2011: Full Year Print Edition. 8-1/2×11″ sizes available as well!

Here’s what I wasn’t so crazy about:

  • I’d prefer the paper to be bright white as I’m a big color person (I take notes on my calendar and in my notebooks in vivid felt-tip hues!), so the off-white color of the paper throws me a bit. I could bypass this issue by downloading and printing my own Memory Logbook 2011: Full Year Download on my choice of paper.
  • I’d prefer a few more blank pages in each weekly section so I could add my own ideas, stories, and sketches (I’m a prolific doodler!). Again, I can sidestep this minor issue by printing my own.

Whether you want to download and print your own, or order one ready for action, I encourage you to check out Log Your Memory for tons of great resources to assist in your scrapbook storytelling. From a book of lists to the year-long logbooks, there’s plenty for a scrapbooker to fall in love with! Kristin obviously knows first-hand what scrappers want and need.

Speaking of what scrappers want, Kristin has offered Layout a Day readers a 10% discount on the Memory Logbook 2011: Full Year Download, regular price $24.95! Use the coupon code TOUR10offDL at checkout. Coupon expires end of day, 11/17/10.

P.S. Want to win your own copy of the Memory Logbook 2011: January to June Print Edition? Leave me a comment telling me what section you would love to have in a daily planner (exercise? shopping list? menu planning? gifts to buy? Use your imagination!). One random winner will receive the Memory Logbook 2011: January to June Print Edition, retail price $24.95. Contest closes 11/17/10 at midnight.

  • Laura P

    I’m a “list maker”, so lots of extra pages for To Do Lists, Project and Goal Lists, etc. would be wonderful.

  • Laser

    At the end of each week I would like a space to write “looking ahead to next week”. I know I could just write this in, but would like a a page just for that.

  • scrapbookgirl71

    I like having a shopping list so that I as carry the calendar around with me I can write what I need as soon as I think of it. As far as scrapbooking, a “pages to do” list or “albums to do” list would be helpful!

  • Anonymous

    I like those ideas!

  • Anonymous

    Ooh, good one!

  • Anonymous

    The more lists, the better, in my book! ;)

  • Kristin Rutten

    I love that you asked this question, Lain, because I’m just about to start putting together all of the add-on pages that I’ll be offering for the downloadable version. I’ll pay close attention to this list, so if there’s something someone wants, be sure to get it on here!! ;)

    Thanks for the nice review Lain!! :)

  • E.Augustin

    WOW this looks like something I so need for me I am a list maker & actually my family giggles because I am post it Queen I have notes for everything so this looks like it would be a life saver!

  • Anonymous

    I am the same way! Too many notepads and too many post-its. ;)

  • Anonymous

    That’s awesome! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  • Amelia

    I would love to have exercise and menu planning!!! I need lists lists lists! Thanks for the chance!

  • Anonymous

    I love lists, too. Can you tell? ;)

  • Kim

    Menu planning

  • Kristin Rutten

    LOL… that’s how the Memory Logbook was born. I was drowning in my own notepads, post-its and scraps of paper!! Glad to see I’m not alone!! ;)

  • Paulainauckland

    Def the menu planning. If i had that organised I’d have more time to scrap.

  • Anonymous

    That’s for sure! :)

  • LCSmithSAVED

    definitely menu (ugh) & maybe an errand block – seems I always have some little niggly stop to make that I forget about. Or maybe a weekly checklist – got gas? got milk? etc… :~)

  • Anonymous

    Ooh, errands would be cool!

  • Sue

    I’d love a menu planning section as that’s something I need to improve, rather than looking in the freezer at 4pm and wondering what’s for dinner. :)

  • Anonymous

    Hey, did you hear the interview I did with Leanne Ely of Saving Dinner?

  • Karyn

    I would love a section for a
    WHEN I HAVE TIME I HAVE TO DO ___________
    section :-)
    Thanks for the opportunity

  • Selenaintx

    I would love to have a section for different websites/blogs to check out, as I always say I’m going to look at some sites and then forget. And since I love to read, maybe a list for books I want to read. I could probably come up with more but dang, my poor planner would be so thick and weigh a ton :) lol.

  • Jeannett_mcgee

    I like To Do lists on a planner. Week in advance planning list. Call/Appts. to make. This Memory Logbook sounds awesome. I would love to win. Thanks.

  • Laura S

    In a daily planner, what’s most important to me is the orientation. I’d love a planner that has the weekdays laid out in vertical columns, not horizontal. It makes it easier to divide up the days. I’d also love a little section each day for “notes,” as opposed to planned activities.

  • Anonymous

    I love those ideas!!

  • Anonymous

    That would be cool – month to do, year to do, week to do…

  • Anonymous

    That would need to have a lot of pages for me!!

  • Anonymous

    Good point on orientation…

  • RKSP

    I’d love a menu planning section! Also, a shopping list and a “to do” list. I’d also like monthly wrap-ups to document our memories.

  • Anonymous

    I like that monthly wrap up idea…

  • Anonymous

    I would use it for keeping track of blog posts, and scrapbook page ideas.

  • Anonymous

    Love the blog post idea!

  • DaniNYC12677

    I’m a big list maker to do lists, packing lists, grocery lists so a place for that would be great

  • Kimberly Ann

    I’m also a meal planner, so it’s nice to have that separated from daily appointments, as well as a tear out shopping list feature. What would be cool to have as a crafter are some project planning sheets at the end, where you can lists milestones and tasks for an entire project (christmas cards, anyone?) and then use that list to transfer the individual tasks to days on the weekly calendars.

  • Anonymous

    Ooh, tear out shopping list! Yes!!

  • Anonymous

    Just a blank book of lists would be nice. ;)

  • Sue

    I like the idea of having the meal planner/shopping list option

  • Heather P.

    No WAY!!! This is awesome!!! I miss my WRMK planner soooo MUCH and this sounds even better! I love love LOVED the sketch section…it had a spot for a sketch and lines for notes. That would be my heart’s desire. That and a 3 ring format so I can change things up.

  • Khannas

    How about some simple prompts to help us capture those scrapable moments? –like we did in LOAD.

  • Trishaw09

    I agree….lots of list areas. To Do Now and To Do Someday….lol. I seem to make lists all over the house & then lose them so a planner like this is a great idea. Maybe a list of “Pictures to Take” to go with the ideas for scrapbooking.

  • Amy Ulen

    I’m more interested in a meal tracker than a planner. I like to write down what I eat, how I exercise, and have an area for reflecting on my progress toward my weight loss goals. I also like to chart how many ounces of water I’ve consumed in a day.

  • TracyBzz

    Observation of the day – it doesn’t have to be a quote from your family or a photo a day just a quick something “the sky was really blue today” or “the kids played nice, for once”.

  • Melissa

    I’d love a section for a list of birthdays -for the print at home version you’d put the birthdays in a list (eg link to your Outlook calendar!) so you could tick off when you’ve got their present/card and then it would customise the relevant days in the diary – eg 7 April would say Melissa’s birthday 1982 so then I’d know how old the person was too.

    Ok so that’s pretty techy, but I loved LYM for last year and I just ended printing off my outlook monthly calendar and popping it in the book.

  • Amy K

    I am a fanatic list maker, so I would like a section for that, and I love to jot down funny or profound things that my kids say, so a section for that would be wonderful too! Thanks for the chance to win – these look great!

  • Lain

    That water tracker would be a great thing!

  • Lain

    Yes, “kids say the darnedest things” section!

  • Lain

    Ooh, that would be so cool!

  • Lain

    I love three-ring too. With this you can print your own, and then punch holes if you want…

  • SusanB

    I’d love a shopping list/errand list section to help keep my on track on those days when I’m running around all over town trying to get things done!

  • Jkhashab

    I also like the idea of a meal tracker that I can carry around. And I’d love to see a section for quotes…both historical and out of the mouths of babes!

  • Lain

    Melissa, you are our winner! Please email me with your full name and shipping address and we’ll get your prize out!
    lainehmann (at) comcast (dot) net

  • Melissa

    Yay!! :)

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