Scrap Like the Wind SP

Attention, all time-crunched, stressed, and way-too-busy scrappers…


“Scrap Like the Wind: 12 Steps to Faster Pages with Lain Ehmann!”

No matter how much time you have to scrapbook, there’s never enough. There are always more stories to capture, more pages to create, more albums to work on. Never fear, Lain “Speedy Gonzalez” Ehmann is here! With her patented humorous and effervescent style, Lain will teach you twelve ways to speed up your scrapbooking, including:

  • Why “pre-scrapping” pages and embellishments can cut HOURS off your scrapping
  • The ways “batch processing” can reduce prep time
  • The questions to ask yourself before you start ANY project
  • How to “supersize” your creations to save time AND money

You’ll get access to almost one hour of video content, including chat, PDF cheat sheet, and more! You can download to your computer or stream online — your choice.

simple scrapbooking layouts


Lain Ehmann
Scrapbooking Superhero

Get Your Copy for only $17.95!


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