Scrapbook Improv: February’s Awesome Scrapbook Pages!

by Lain Ehmann on February 28, 2013

scrapbookimprovFun Scrapbooking Ideas, Three Scrapbooking Layouts, and Neil Diamond Karaoke… All in One Place!

Last night was… you guessed it!… the fourth Wednesday of the month, and you know what that means: Scrapbook Improv! It’s the only place on the internet where you can get the scoop on how to scrapbook easy pages fast AND hear me riff on everything from Mindy Kaling to gun control! ;)

Gossamer Blue outdid themselves with February’s kit. Here’s what was included:

Gossamer Blue February Kit Are you drooling yet? Here’s what I did with my kit:

Fast Layout #1: Busy Bee

Subject/Title: “Busy Bee.” I chose to create a page about high school and all the various activities I was involved in.

Technique: Inking/distressing

Journaling: Rhyme (this is what took so long and why I didn’t have as much time to embellish as I would have liked! Rhyming on the fly is tough!)

Backgrond: Cardstock

Embellishment: Acetate/transparency

Notes: All products except the white cardstock, the black and blue journaling pens, and the ink (Worn Lipstick from Tim Holtz/Ranger) were from the February Gossamer Blue kit. I intentionally chose the busy diagonal patterned paper for its link with the topic. I wish I’d had some more time to add some “doodads” to the page (especially since the kit includes so many goodies!) but the poem more than makes up for it. :)

asweome scrapbook pages

Fast Layout #2: Sweet Caroline

Subject/Title: “Favorite Song RIGHT NOW.”

Technique: Stamping

Journaling: Song lyrics (a lucky spin!)

Backgrond: Patterned paper

Embellishment: Buttons

Notes: All products except the buttons, the black journaling pen, and the stamp were from the February Gossamer Blue kit. The stamp came from a previous month’s kit and I LOVE IT. The hardest part of this page was finding a non-dorky picture of me! I ended up going with this one even though it’s blurry. I look happy and that’s what counts.

awesome scrapbook pages

¬†Fast Layout #3: How to Have a Girls’ Vacay

Subject/Title: “How to…”

Technique: Embossing

Journaling: Callie-generated

Backgrond: Cardstock

Embellishment: Wood veneer shapes

Notes: All products except the black journaling pen, white cardstock and the ink (Fired Brick from Tim Holtz/Ranger) were from the February Gossamer Blue kit. I was struggling with the embossing until Monica suggested cutting out one of the hearts and embossing it and then adding it as an accent. LOVE THAT and wish I’d done several more! Callie dictated the journaling to me (and btw has made me promise to NEVER use the term “vacay” again). The only thing that bothers me about this page is the lack of apostrophe in the title. I’m still working on that one. :)

how to scrapbook easy

I also created two more layouts this morning with the “leftovers” (and I could go on to create a bunch more but wanted to post this!).

Extra Layout #1: FUN

I thought you all would get a kick out of a page about the “Diabolical Spinner!” (and thanks again to Susan for sending me a replacement spinner! This one is metal and should last us a good, long time). All products except the journaling pen and the border punch are from the February Gossamer Blue kit.

awesome scrapbook layouts

Extra Layout #2: I’m So Glad That You Exist

All products except the buttons, the journaling pen, and the “Handmade by” stamp are from the February Gossamer Blue kit. (Told you there’s a lot of stuff in there!).

scrapbooking layouts

We’ll be doing it again on March 27, so mark your calendar NOW!


P.S. Here’s the PDF of the prompts I use: scrapbookimprov

P.P.S. If you missed the fun and games live, or you just love scrapbook process videos, you can catch the replay here.

  • Ruth Bonser

    Hi Lain,

    This month I was late to the party (noon my time is a struggle with the preschooler!) but I was there from 1pm and I actually scrapped along with you this week for the third layout. I would love to share my layout with you but haven’t quite got a blog up yet, hopefully next week. I hope it is ok to use my stash, since I didnt get the kit this month. Thanks again for a wonderful and inspiring batch of layouts. I really enjoy watching you making them live, it is so enlightening. I miss your layout a day podcast, it had the same inspiring feel to it :-) You are such fun to listen to.

  • Heather Dubarry

    You could also add any pages you make to Lain’s Scrapbook Improv group on Flickr. I added mine there:

  • Lain Chroust Ehmann

    Thanks for sharing this, Heather!

  • Lain Chroust Ehmann

    So glad you were able to check in. I had a lot of fun. Look for a return of the podcast soon!

  • Teri L

    Hi Lain,
    Thanks for another great Improv. I love the layouts. You mentioned at the end that you posted some health information on your blog. I don’t see it here, is there another blog?

  • Lain Chroust Ehmann

    Hi Terry- it’s the first post here:

  • Ruth Bonser

    Thanks Heather, I’ll do that! I didnt realise it was there.

  • Ruth Bonser

    OK I added my layout and blogged about it as well, here

    It made me laugh when I realised that at the completion of the layout I have actually only met 2 of the 5 parts of the challenge, doh! I thought I had done them all, but now that I look at the layout I didnt at all LOL but at least the story has been told.

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