Scrapbook Organization: How to Organize Your Cardstock Scraps

by Lain Ehmann on April 9, 2013

We had an invigorating conversation over on the Layout a Day Facebook page about how to organize your cardstock scraps. Apparently, there are two camps: The Dump-n-Go, and the Librarian. Watch this short video for ideas on how you can organize your leftovers for easy access:

Now you: How do YOU organize your paper scraps? Leave us a comment to let us know!


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  • Deb

    I sort my scraps, both cardstock and patterned paper, by the predominant color and store them in a long clear plastic bin (with a lid) that was originally designed by the manufacturer to hold books or DVDs and VHS tapes. I have made dividers to separate the various color families within the container according to ROYGBV. I will use my basic craft punches (circles, squares, scallops, pennants, tags, etc.) on anything that is smaller than approximately 4×6 and then keep these pre-punched shapes in a Mason jar on my desk in my scraproom. I use these for layering and embellishments as well as journaling tags. Plus, they’re portable and easily taken to a crop when I’m scrapbooking away from home (and then I don’t need to pack all my punches). This system seems to work well for me.

  • Chris A

    I use an old accordian folder that I got from my daughter when she passed from Creative Memories. I put all my scraps in there by color and put colors in the plastic pre-divided section tabs. Works like a charm for large scraps too.

  • Tracy H

    I have a large basket for patterned paper, another basket for coloured card stock and a third basket for neutral card stock (ivory, kraft and white), which I find easy to go to when stamping images.

  • Gina Anderson

    Lain, As you were describing why you don’t sort (getting hung up on if the patterned paper would be in the “orange or yellow or red folder, I wondered, how do you sort your full size sheets? Maybe you’ve described this before…
    I’ve tried the color method but get hung up on the same problem as what you described. Currently I sort by manufacturer since I like to keep the collections sort of together and then I have one big miscellaneous section but always like to hear options.

  • Zulia A.

    My brother made me a 12 X 12 paper holder for my 12 in.papers unfortunately he measured it exactly 12 X 12 so the ends would curl. Thought it was a lost cause until my Nephews Father-in-law made me a new paper holder which actually holds my 12 X !2 without any problem. So I started using the other holder for my scraps. There is a slot for all colors of my scrapbook papers so it was easy to go from 12 X 12 to the scraps using the holder. Very satisfied
    with the results.

  • Mary Smith

    I want to SEE the organization, not just hear about it!

  • Lain Chroust Ehmann

    Everyone is welcome to post their photos on the Facebook page at

  • Lain Chroust Ehmann

    Very cool! Lucky to have handy people in your life. :)

  • Lain Chroust Ehmann

    Hi Gina! I sort my full sheets by manufacturer. You can see a whole tour of my scrap room here:

  • Lain Chroust Ehmann

    That is similar to mine. I wish I had open baskets. I love baskets! :)

  • Lain Chroust Ehmann

    Great idea! “Passed from Creative Memories…” That sounds funny. :)

  • Lain Chroust Ehmann

    You are very organized! :)

  • country girl

    I think mine could be called dump and dig! Not very efficient!

  • Lain Chroust Ehmann

    sounds like mine. :)

  • Marilyn Sibblies

    I love the idea of pre-punching the tiny-tiny scraps before discarding! I keep my in an oversized cigar box. (Actually I think it’s a Tazo tea sampler box.) The bigger pieces keep it permanently propped open, but I’m okay with that. I just flip through the odd sized pieces kind of like a rolodex.

  • Lain Chroust Ehmann

    oh, you had me at “oversized cigar box!” :)

  • Jodi

    I use a hanging file holder system and sort by color. Patterned paper goes with predominant color in the paper and then crazy colored papers go al-together in a file. All blacks, grays and silvers are in one.

  • Rachel L

    I’m new to your page, so this is the first video I’ve watched. I just wanted to say that you are so cute and smiley, Lain! I love how happy you seem :)

  • LainEhmann

    Thanks, Rachel! So nice to have you here. :)

  • Linny Lou

    Hi there. I store my scraps by colour, in poly pockets which sit up right in a box. this box sits at my feet right where I craft so is always on hand when I need it.

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