Scrapbook Themes: Do You Need One?

by Lain Ehmann on February 11, 2012

scrapbook themesScrapbook themes:

  • Birthday album.
  • Sports album.
  • December Daily album.
  • Baby’s First Year album.
  • Vacation album.

There are as many themes for your scrapbook as there are scrapbookers… but do you need one?

The short answer: MAYBE. (Don’t you hate that? ;) )

You need a scrapbook theme if:

…you find yourself constantly thinking, “Where am I going to put this layout?”

…you like to work on projects in batches, from start to finish, like a Little League baseball season album.

…you get lost easily and need a topic to “hang your hat on,” reminding you of what you’re trying to capture.

…you like to FINISH things instead of having an ongoing project hanging over your head.

…you’re creating a gift album and you’re thinking the recipient might be more pleased to receive a themed album.

…you’re not a chronological scrapbooker, but you still want a cohesive plan for your albums.

And speaking of scrapbooking chronologically, don’t be fooled into thinking that your albums have to be around an event. You could have scrapbooks themed around:

  • Family favorites.
  • Books you want to read or have read.
  • Favorite vacation spots.
  • 12 on the 12th (where you capture 12 photos on the 12th of each month for a year).
  • Resolutions.
  • “Outtakes.”
  • Funny things your kids said.
  • People you love (this was my December Daily album for 2011).
  • Quotes.

These are just suggestions… you can even just do the ole “throw all the pages in an album as you complete them.” That works for me! :)

P.S. Do you feel like your albums are a little choppy and don’t have any cohesion? Do you flip through them and wonder if you’re telling the stories you want to tell? Shimelle put together a fantastic video course on creating flow in your albums. If you’re interested in that, you can see it here:

Shimelle Laine: Creating Album Flow

  • Katie Scott

    Hey Lain :)  I do seasonal scrapbooking pages and put them in my “Things We Do” Library of Memories album; but when a certain section gets a little too full, I pull out some pages and put them into a “bump out” album.  I just blogged about my springtime scrapbook album which includes traditional 12×12 layouts along side page protectors full of spring time photos (that aren’t “scrappped”) – this is a way that I love to get a lot of photos “scrappped” and a way that I keep my Libabrary of Memories Albums everchanging.It is also a way for this Floridian to makr the seasona!.

  • Katie Scott

    P.S. I couldn’t see what I was typing – so sorry about the typos – “Library” “make” “seasonal”

  • Anonymous

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Dwatts

    Love the idea of 12 on 12.  I am definately going to start trying to do that! Thanks for the inspiration Lain. 

  • Dean Stacy Sullivan

    I have a question. I have a old picture alumn that my mom did back when polarado pics were great and the pages in the book have started turning brown and I don’t want to split this book up even though their are different topics. I have already did a Florida vacation scrapbook but thought this one be ok just for this one Thanks

  • lainie9

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    [True Scrap] Re: Re: New comment posted on Scrapbook Themes: Do You Need One?
    Your scrapbooking superheros have solved your call for help request (487). That means you’re all set to start cutting things up again. If your scissors have stopped working and you’d like more help, reply to this email. ———————————————-

    Mary Stone, Jul 17 14:23

    Great question!! You can ask it on our Facebook page at and you will get more answers than you can imagine. It’s a great family!

    Disqus, Jul 16 14:01

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