Scrapbooking Around the World in Australia & New Zealand

by KelliP on February 18, 2016

In celebration of world wide scrapbooking, we’re going around the world in 29 days for Layout a Day. To give you a taste of what memory keeping is like in different parts of the world, we’re showcasing scrapbookers from Germany, Luxembourg, Canada, Holland, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

In this post, join us as scrappers from Southern Hemisphere share their scrappy experience:

21851048642_dcb01022d8_zElizabeth Ashman: “As a young teenager, I had kept scrapbooks of things that I loved, not always photos, and in 1999 I attended an Adult Education course on memory keeping. Turned out to be a Creative Memories class! I mostly order online as my local scrapbook store is about 50 minutes away. I love going to crops to boost my creativity, and I have a couple of groups that regularly scrap together. I now have my own craft room, my happy place, with a lovely new standing-up work surface.”


2010 04 11 (19) (Copy)Gypsy Stockley: “I come from New Zealand. I started scrapbooking with blank books like kids sometimes use in school. I used the wrapping paper from the kids gifts and normal old printer paper in different colours and regular tape. I remember when the first scrapbook store that I knew of opened in Auckland, New Zealand- and I realised this thing I was doing was a real actual thing with a whole industry behind it. I think that would have been early 2000′s. From there I started to get serious and went acid free and used ‘real’ scrapbook papers and albums. I did two wedding albums for friends. Over time we got more stores in Auckland and then less. I used to go to scrapbook camp with a friend who has an online store she runs out of a garage converted to a studio (shout out to CazDezign). We went to a scout camp and had three precious days of woman time, with food, laughter, in depth and also silly conversation- all while scrapping.
IMG_1404 (Copy)I now live in Perth, Western Australia and have seen three scrapbook store close in the 4 years since I moved here. There are a couple of online stores based in Perth which are my main stores to shop from- one has a public shop front a couple of days a week. More recently I was picked for the DT for Mystical Scrapbooks- a home based online store which allows pick-ups and also does local delivery!! So a bit of shopping from there. I find that in Australia and NZ store carry less stock/brands and stuff is slower to arrive- and this is becoming more and more of an issue as even some of the online stores close and we have less diversity. I miss October Afternoon- no one seems to get much of their stuff over here any more and international postage combined with exchange rates are killer!
I scrap in my own ‘scraproom’ which in this house is the corner of a very large living room. I also share it in part with my homeschooled son. I’ll try and find a couple of pics for you- sorry I didn’t see this till late!”

Claire layoutClaire Cummings: “I started scrapbooking in 1992 – in those display books you get with the slip in sleeves. I then came across Creative Memories and held a demo and that was it! I used to purchase from online stores like CreativeXpress (now closed), sold things on ebay and then opened my own online store. I never knew anyone who scrapbooked, so I used to scrap alone. When I moved into my present house, my gorgeous hubby built me a massive scraproom/workshop. I held kids, then ladies classes – still not scrapping with them.Claire space I have been to a couple of Creative Memories crops (ehrmagurd – judgy) and 1 retreat (not judgy) and 1 epic trip to the ScrapHappy reunion :)

I don’t need to buy product, but if I do feel the urge, I get it from Spotlight (like Michaels/Hobby Lobby). My scraproom is shown on here.

Oh, and I live in Perth – about 1km from Gypsy and we have NEVER MET. ”


Rita Tong: “I am a New Zealander. I started by putting pictures and ephemera on A4 pages and writing about the history of the places I visited whilst in England on a two year visa. When I returned home to NZ, a friend introduced me to the Creative Memories way of scrapbooking where I did the fancy shapes and stickers things. 25035252226_db800915df_zShe was a CM consultant so I got all my supplies through her initially. I have never had a separate room (as I don’t like being by myself) but I had a scrap cupboard that stored my supplies and was in the dining room. Like clairewa2009, I later got my supplies through Spotlight and a local scrap store. I now live in England, buy my supplies online and from my local craft store. I still have my scrap cupboard (bought it over from NZ) and still scrap mainly at dining room table or on a table in the lounge.”


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  • Tina Campbell

    Nice to meet you :) Wonderful stories, layouts and how you started scrapping :)

  • Lisainre

    Fun! It’s so interesting to see how different all our beginnings were!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Great to get to know some fellow Down Under scrappers!

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