Scrapbooking Inspiration: Don’t Miss True Scrap!

by Lain Ehmann on March 2, 2011

I’m dancing in my seat a little bit here… so happy to introduce you to:

Yes, indeedy… you do NOT want to miss this.

12 really cool instructors.

One really awesome keynote interview.

Five fabulous virtual make-and-takes… brought right to your computer!

No planes, trains, or automobiles required.

No per-class fee.

No lengthy supply lists, expensive convention center food, or crammed classrooms.

Just you and tons of inspiration!

True Scrap. Check it out. Now.

P.S. I’ll be teaching Pain-Free Journaling the EZ Way. Yay!

  • Terri Torrez

    This looks so cool but I have lots of questions.
    1. What’s a Virtual Make & Take?
    2. Are these lecture-type classes or are we going to make something?
    3. How do the replays work? Do we download the videos or will we have access for a specified amount of time?
    4. Are there supply lists, downloadable supplies, etc?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Terri-
    I’ve answered your questions on a new FAQ page. Click on over to check it out:

  • Barnscrapper

    True Scrap sounds like a fun event. I would like the option to pick and chose what classes I want to take. I don’t want to pay for a class that doesn’t intrest me or I don’t need because I have taken a similar class. The $97 price tag is to steep when I only want to take 2 or 3 classes. Please consider this option. I think more people would be intrested in this as well.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Brenda-
    Thanks for the idea. Our technology doesn’t enable a la carte purchase and delivery of the classes at this time.

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