Scrapbooking Podcast: Cricut Magazine Review and Giveaway

by Lain Ehmann on January 12, 2011


Need a simple scrapbooking podcast fix?

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I chat about:

*the LOAD 211 challenge

*a review of the new Cricut Magazine from Northridge.

(Listen to hear how you can win your own copy! Contest closes Friday, 1/14/11.)

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  • Bexxter11

    In response to your magazine giveaway: I’m not a Cricut owner yet. My sister purchased one that she doesn’t use and said she will be shipping it to me. My neighbor is on her 2nd model and has shown many fabulous uses for it. It’d be great to have the magazine as a source of ideas.

    Becky H

  • kathy

    I just bought a cricut for my Birthday but haven’t had much time to play with it yet. Just learning all the different buttons. I like the fonts the best I am not a die cut person. But maybe this magazine will change my mind!

  • tammy

    I have a cricut! I can’t wait to see this magazine!!

  • Nulungs

    I love playing with my cricut but after having it a year, I am still feeling like a newbie… but have collected lots of carts for my shelf! :) Enjoyed your podcast and happy to have discovered your site this week!!

  • Amy K

    Great review/podcast Lain! I’ve been curious about the Cricut magazine, and you’ve given me great insight. Thanks for the chance to win this issue.
    I have the original Cricut as well as the Expression. I really do love my machines. I love the versatility for scrapbooking, card making, school projects, etc. To be brutally honest, the Cake has not been much of an interest to me.
    Thanks for another informative episode.

  • Mhestir

    Hi, Lain,

    I jumped on and subscribed to the new mag right away because I have two Cricuts living at my house. An original one and an Expression (the larger one.) I got the original one to cut mainly titles with the FONT cartridges, and was not into the cutesy shape cartridges they were selling then, but they have greatly expanded their designs to include classic and modern options. So now I am quite invested and want to get the most out of my machine(s). I also have a Gypsy which is a handheld electronic storage and design product, and I have enjoyed learning how to expand my options on that, too. I am not going to tell you how many cartridges I own, beacause I don’t think they have a 12-step support group available yet, so I’m going to sit squarely in denial for now. “Hello, my name is_____, and I cruise the net daily looking for cheap Cricut carts (street name:”tripleC”) to score.”

    Actually, I would love to win the mag anyway, because I have to supply a “dirty scrap” gift at our annual weekend crop in Feb., and I think the girls would break out into a hair-pulling match to get it. And I could take photos of that. Oh, yeah.

    Also, I see on BPC that you are prepping for the “MOTHER LOAD”. Interesting. I’d like to know more about that. (I am a 2009 LOM Alum, and I refer to that as “the Mother of all Online Scrapbooking Classes.”) I’m toying with doing the “BABY LOAD” next month.

    Geez, 0kay, yadayada.

    Rhonda H in Arkansas (where it is currently 10 degrees. whatever.)

  • Leah Crowe

    loved your review on the cricut magazine. I own an expression and am using it a lot this year so far for cardmaking.

  • VTJennygirl

    I’ve been hesitant to get a subscription because of the price. But like you said, paper craft magazines are getting harder to find these days! I have 2 different Cricuts and have used them more for special projects rather than scrapbooking. I am a card maker and haven’t really branched out with the Cricut just yet for that. I’ve made wedding decorations and favors, gift tags, and home decor items. I am so glad I found your blog and podcasts!

  • Trisha

    Liked your podcast. I do have a Cricut expression and a gypsy and really love them both and have a great time with both. I subscribed to the magazine and can’t wait for the first issue. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  • Lisa

    I like your podcast…I bought the basic Cricut when it got down below $100 last fall. It’s still unopened in the box because I haven’t had time to use it. And lkie Mhestir below, I cruised the web to buy cartridges …got a few good deals and so far have collected 6 or 7. Now what to do with them….the free magazine
    subscription would certainly provide some great ideas. Sign me up for the drawing

  • Michelle

    great review of this exciting new publication thanks for sharing… love your podcast by the way…and will be tuning in regularly from now on!

  • Ramona

    Lain, this is the first time I have seen your website. Awesome!! Thanks so much for the review. I have not subscribed to the magazine yet because of the expense. Hopefully I will be able to in the future. Thanks again. Hope I win!!

  • Anonymous

    Ramona, thank you for visiting! come back soon!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for stopping by! Just to be clear, the drawing is for a single copy of the premier issue.

  • America57

    I ordered the magazine by my Cricut Expression broke! My kids gave it to me for mother’s day and it only lasted 20 months! Did you know that all of the Cricut machines only have a one year warrenty and after that they are junk? There are no replacement parts, no place to send them to get them fixed. When you consider the #249 for the Expression and the over 20 cricut cartridges I own, that is a big investment to lose after 20 months! I was going to get the Imagine, but I don’t think I can afford to do it!

  • Lindamkinkead

    I have the small cricut and I use it everyday. I make all my own cards from Birthday to Christmas and all holidays in between. My husband showed me the add for the magazine and he said “If I(my hubby)had a job maybe we could afford this but it is kinda of alot for a magazine.” so it will have to wait until he finds a job!!! But I love it I so want it…. need new inspiration for my cards!!!! What a great review you did!!! Thank you so much for making my mouth water even more for this mag!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I wasn’t aware of that. I see a huge market opportunity for someone to start repairing Cricuts!

  • Jpineda77

    I love cricut. I don’t use it as much as I should but I absolutely love my cricut. I love looking through blogs and magazines for all cricut-y inspiration.

  • Amber in TN

    This is my first time here, saw it on the cricut FB post! I look forward to learning more from you, and maybe winning a copy of the magazine!

  • April

    I really enjoyed your podcast. I found you because of Cricuts post on facebook. You were very easy to listen to and that was refreshing, really! I do have both the cricut expression and the cricut cake. I enjoy both very much but get more use out of my expression that anything. I absolutely love it and spend very little on stamps and sticker now that I have the cricut. I can make anything that I want and don’t have to search for the extra embellishment at a store now, I don’t have to leave home, just pull out my gypsy, find what I need, make a layout and cut! It is the most wonderful addition to scrapbooking and card making that I can think of! Thanks for your review and the giveaway!

  • Linda161

    I have the original Cricut machine and just received the Expression and Gypsy for Christmas. I don’t use these as much as I should and I am sure the magazine would be a great inspiration.

  • Kimt816

    i love my cricut’s i have the expression and just got the imagine!! i also a cartridge junkie cant get enough LOL i am glad to hear your review and have been considering the magazine but thought price was too steep but maybe if i win i can change my thoughts about it LOl/ thanks for the great review and chance to check it out myself

  • Janett Meyer

    Hi Lain, I loved your podcast! This is the first time I’ve visited your site and I love it! I got an Expression this Christmas and am still learning how to use it! I would love to win a subscription to the magazine! Please pick me! : )

  • Kim

    I have the Cricut Expression and I love using it! But…I know I don’t use all the features is possesses. I am going to get the magazine so I can learn more about my machine. I got the Cricut software for my computer for Christmas and now I have a lot more to learn!!! Yay!!! I love it!

  • Brenda

    I just listened to your review of the Cricut Magazine. I do own a Cricut, a Gypsy and a Cuttlebug. I would love to be able to win an issue so that I can see if it would be worth the cost to me. Thanks for the chance.

  • Kmalcolm24

    I have a Cricut expression and I just bought a Cricut cake for my husband because he loves to bake. I love my Cricut!!!! We haven’t had a chance to try out the cake yet, I would love to win the magazine and look at all the inspiring ideas. Thank you for a great podcast!!!

  • Vanbeh

    Omgoodness, I so need to win a subcription to this Mag, LOL…Ive got my little Cricut and have worked up the nerve to use her but only a little at a time! Thanks for a chance to win!

  • Amanda

    I have the original cricut that was given to me as a gift, and have been a growing scrapbooker and card maker ever since. I have not upgraded my original machine; have not seen the need since I got the gypsy. The gypsy makes the original cricut even more versatile than it ever was before. I am still learning new things about papercrafting, and love to scope out new ideas, but I just can’t afford the magazine!!! I lost my job in ’09 and am passing the time at home with the kids working on scrapbooking. Most of my supplies I get on ebay, Craig’s list, garage sales, or hand-me-downs. That keeps me going; I can’t justify the steep price on my current budget. If they lower the price, I would love to subscribe, otherwise, I will wait for hand-me-down issues or keep it on my Christmas list for next year. Thank you for the honest review!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just to clarify- this is contest is for one copy of the inaugural issue. Good luck everyone!

  • Carol B

    I have a Cricut Expression, a Gypsy and a Cuttlebug. I love them all and could not scrap and make cards with out them! I suppose my favorite is my Cricut so I am looking forward to seeing this new magazine and getting some new ideas!

    Carol B

  • Lzbthnn

    I only have a Cuttlebug, but would like a chance to look at this Cricut magazine to see if it’s worth saving up for, and what kind of inspiration I get.

  • Jennifer

    The more I read about this magazine the more I want it, which is quickly escalating to a need – lol! Sounds like its well worth the price.

  • Brenda S. from Middletown, PA

    I love my Cricut! It is hard to imagine scrapping without it! I use it for almost every page I create. I currently have 2 jukeboxes connected and think I’ll get a third. I love not having to stop what I’m doing to change the cartridges.

  • Jennifer

    Provo Craft keeps finding awesome ways to feed my Cricut addiction!

  • Shelly

    Well, I embarrassed to say I own the original cricut and I just received the Expression for Christmas. I also have about 8 carts. Okay…this is the part I am embarrassed about. Gasp…I have never used either!
    I have never even taken them out of the boxes. I want to, but I have this fear of the unknown. I think a copy of the new Cricut magazine might help me overcome my fear. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Suzy

    I just got Cricut for like a month and I have Gypsy too, so far I LOVE it! but I think I haven’t use it to max! glad I found your blog/podcast here! Thanks for the chance to win the mag! It’s on my top wishlist right now :)

  • Phyllis

    I love all things Cricut. Like so many others I am addicted .

  • Myupnorthfun

    I love my Cricut Expressions but am still learning how to use it to the max! I’ve moved from scrapbooking, cardmaking to glass etching. My husband didn’t why I wanted my Cricut until he was going to pay to have some vinyl letter done for his man cave – I told him I could do them on my Cricut – now he’s sold on it. I did his HAM call sign letters on the 12 x 24 vinyl and he put them on his radio room – now he’s the envy of the club!!!! If he ever starts going towards my Cricut I’ll have to start locking the “girls” room door:o) I’d love to win a copy of the magazine!!!!

  • Martin2185

    I love your podcast it was great and am new to the cricut community but i think its great how much info you share with us! Thanks for a chance for the giveaway

  • Cari

    I just stumbled across this blog while searching for project ideas and inspiration. Would love to get my hands on a copy of this mag too!

  • Littlemccann

    How do you sign up for the free Cricut Magazine drawing.

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