Scrapbooking Style: Becky Higgins Shares the Way It Used to Be

by Lain Ehmann on December 21, 2010

I was on my regular crawl around the web and came across this fantastic video from Becky Higgins with some shots of her old scrapbooks. Wow! I remember scrapbooking much like she did — tons of pages, tons of embellishments, tons of stickers. Times are different now!

Here’s the video where she walks through some of her pages:

…and as a special treat, here are some of my old scrapbooking pages!

These are from 2001, deep in my Creative Memories days. Nothing wrong with that. :)

These have never seen the light of day before! :)

And even though they are ANCIENT, I do see some seeds of what my scrapbooking would evolve into:

-Handwritten journaling

-Linear design

-Capturing snippets of conversation

This week, if you have a chance, go back and look through some of YOUR old albums. Tell me what you discover! I’d love to hear.

P.S. As it’s the holiday week, I am taking the next few days off to visit with friends and family. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon!

  • Barb in AK

    Ok Lain. I took the challenge! Many of my “young” pages (young, because I had just started scrapping–not because *I* was young ;-) ) had lots of sticker sneezes, photos (yes, the actual photos) trimmed into odd shapes with decorative scissors, and die cuts. I progressed to borders (much like your CM examples), paper piecing, tearing, and decorative tags. Hooray for “Simple Scrapbooks”–it helped me find my true style. :-) Things that have stuck with me through my journey of scrapping: 1) Journaling is IMPORTANT! 2) Use of neutral colors and 3) Judicious use of patterned papers.
    Thanks for a trip down memory lane.

  • Annette33

    This last year my style has taken a complete turnaround. Since taking the LOM with Stacy Julian, my style has completely changed. I thought I had to scrap every photo, and hated the idea of getting out of order. I wasn’t making any progress. Now, I just go with the flow, whatever moves me. My old pages are the Creative Memories original style. Now I have moved on to patterned pages–far from the white that Creative Memories used to push. Journaling has always been very important to me though. Love your walk down memory lane, lol. I think we were all there once…

  • Barb in AK

    Lain, Just wanted to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing with us through your blog :-)

  • Anonymous

    Thank YOU, Barb!
    Merry Christmas!

  • ScrappyTams

    Hey, I remember those days. A strip here. A sticker there and my favorite – the triangle with a strip! Ha!!!

    I appreciate that I got hooked on Scrapping, way back-way back, by CM. They deserve a big thank you for introducing scrapping to so many.

    But I LOVE my current scrapping style which is pretty much, scrapping the stuff that captures the heart of my family, the adventures of our life and the ordinariness of our everyday. The kids love that, too. Because we move a lot, these scrapbooks are anchors to the many experiences my kiddos have had and will continue to have.

    Wishing you a safe and fruitful New Year!


  • Denise

    Heh. Those were the days. I remember a friend who was having infertility issues (she now has 2 children) bemoaning the fact that she had “nothing to scrapbook” when she started out, and I encouraged her to scrapbook her vacations and everyday life (waaay back in 2004, haha). I don’t know that either of us had half an album of one trip, however! Thanks for sharing, Lain ;)

  • Anonymous

    I have an old album that is all vacations — I certainly did do multiple pages for one trip, but again, not half an album… but I probably would have if i’d had more time! ;)

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