Scrapping Simply

by Lain Ehmann on September 11, 2010

Paul Tomlin/flickr

Simple scrapbooking is more than a (now defunct) magazine.

Simple scrapbooking is more than a scrapbook style.

When I say I’m a  “simple scrapbooker,” I don’t mean that I never spend more than 30 minutes on my page.

I don’t mean that I never use more than “x” number of embellishments on a page.

I don’t mean I avoid the latest scrapbooking supplies.

I don’t mean that I don’t paint on my layouts.

Or stamp.

Or sew.

In my mind, none of those things is related to my definition of simple scrapbooking — although they may be how you define it.

For me, simple scrapbooking is a lifestyle. It’s a way to make scrapbooking — the hobby I adore — an ongoing, sustainable part of my life.

For me, simple scrapbooking means I put the story first.

It means I use the embellishments that support what I’m trying to convey with my pages.

It means I don’t worry about what’s trendy in the magazines — unless I love it.

It means I keep my scrapbooking “Why” first and foremost in my mind.

It means I don’t even THINK about “being behind” or scrapbooking in chronological order.

It means I find a way to make scrapbooking a part of my life. And for me, that means distilling and streamlining the process down to what’s most important.

Oh, and keeping it fun. It has to be fun.

What does scrapbooking simply mean to you?

  • TracyBzz

    To mean it means that I don’t stress or worry about it.
    Don’t stress
    -if the design is right
    -if the colours coordinate
    -if everything is lines up perfectly
    -if the spelling and grammar are perfect
    -etc etc
    I complete layouts by the mood I’m in. Today clean and simple, tomorrow glitter and glam. Whatever works.

    I simply want to pair photos with words and add in some decoration for fun.

  • Sandra @ The Memory Workshop

    You’ve pretty much summed it up for me!

    Also, simple scrapbooking means choosing progress over perfection. My mantras is “stick it down and move on”.

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  • Patti

    Much the same. Sustainability come to mind.

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