Simple Scrapbooking Layouts: Three No-Fail Designs

by Lain Ehmann on February 10, 2011

Three no-fail simple #scrapbooking designs from Simple scrapbooking layouts are one of the mainstays of my scrapping repertoire. I have designs I turn to over and over again. I change things up, but the basic page layout remains the same!

By using the same basic design, I can┬ámove directly to the fun stuff: Creating and embellishing my pages! No matter what the page topic or mood I’m trying to set, from boy pages to girly-girl pages, from scrapbooking my half-marathons to scrapbooking my travels, these designs work. Just switch up colors, photos, and doo-dads, and the same designs look completely different. Kind of like that little black dress Clinton and Stacey are always telling their victims to buy on “What Not to Wear!”

Here are three page designs I rely on for my scrapbook layouts over and over again. I move some elements around, but the basics remain the same:

1. The grid. Place an imaginary tic-tac-toe board on your layout. Use the same size photo, journaling block, or piece of paper in each square of the grid. Make sure each square has a common margin around it, meaning that it’s the same distance from the other squares. Voila! You’re ready to add the bling and the buttons. In the layout below, I used a variety of patterned paper, cardstock, and embellishments to create an eclectic, fun design.

2. The line. Create a line of photographs across your page. This works best if the photos are the same size. You can also go up and down rather than horizontally for a similar easy effect. You have the rest of the page to play with, adding a title above or below the line of photos, and journaling and other elements.

3. The focal point. Got a single oversize photo to draw attention to? Place it in the center of your page, or slightly off-center. Then add a journaling block to the lower left or right, a title above, and a few embellishments, and call it all good!

Start with any of these three designs and change them up. As you become more experienced, you can experiment and add more variations. But in the meantime, these three simple scrapbooking layouts will provide you with the base for endless variations!


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