9 to 5: Creative Crafting with Office Supplies


Scrapbooking and office supplies go hand-in-hand. And in this one-hour video class with scrapbook superhero and self-proclaimed office supply addict Lain Ehmann (that’s me!), you’ll learn how to use those oh-so-cute pens, papers, and tools in your crafting! From art journals to traditional scrapbook layouts, Lain’s got ideas to stoke your crafting fire and put supplies you already have to new and unique uses.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • What products to look for at your favorite office supply store
  • How you can save money and follow the latest trends with office supplies
  • New looks for old supplies
  • Three separate project ideas with a multitude of applications
  • And more!

Let’s spend an hour together laughing and learning. You’ll get the full webinar replay, the project video, Q&A recording, and chat… hooray!