Die-Cuts to Die For

While Manolo Blahniks set many a girl’s heart to racing, papercrafters like YOU know that Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on Kerri Bradford, queen of the die-cut! Instead of high heels to die for, we’re talking about die-cuts to die for in this hour-long video scrapinar. Superstar designer Kerri Bradford’s going to show us how to take a plain-Jane die cut and turn it into something smashing with resources you already have at your fingertips.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How changing color and texture can change the whole look of your die-cut
  • How to get more from your dies and die-cuts so you can use one design multiple ways
  • How to use what you already have to generate many different results

Kerri is known for her electronic die-cut designs, and this class is best-suited to those with a Cameo or Silhouette electronic die-cut machine.

Your purchase includes:

  • A 36-minute Project-Only video for quick review
  • An hour-long “Like You Were There” video of the entire scrapinar (including Q&A)
  • A PDF transcript of the chat
  • Exclusive die-cut files from Kerri!

Sketchbook Secrets: A Peek Inside the Creative Process

Scrapbookers adore sketches. Just as a strong recipe can serve as a step-by-step guide to a perfect meal or a launching point for your own creativity, scrapbook sketches can also provide a detailed structure for pages you love. Let instructor and chief sketch artist Lisa Echerd delight you with her insider’s view of creating and using sketches. In this one-hour video class, you’ll learn:

  • How sketches can help you be MORE creative and save time
  • How to get more from your sketches so you can use one design multiple ways
  • How to turn a one-page sketch into a double-page spread
  • How to create your own sketches from your favorite designs
  • …And more!

Your purchase includes:

  • A 23-minute Project-Only video for quick review
  • An hour-long “Like You Were There” video of the entire scrapinar (including Q&A)
  • A PDF transcript of the chat

Feeding Frenzy: Taking Eye-Catching Food Photos to Scrap and Share

Love a good meal? Love photos? Then we’ve got the class for you! Combine your lust for finger-licking food with your memory-keeping in “Feeding Frenzy: Taking Eye-Catching Food Photos to Scrap and Share.” Instructor Danielle Taylor will show you not only the ins and outs of getting that perfect sandwich shot, but also how to use those photos to enhance your scrapbooking, craft projects, and more. In this one-hour video session, you’ll learn:
• How to take advantage of setting and lighting to get a super shot of your super sub
• How you can add a new layer to your memory-keeping with fun food photos
• What to do with all the yummy-yummy pics you take
•And more!
Buy now and learn how to take drool-worthy food photos with “Scrapper on the Street” Dani Taylor. Dani is known for her love of instagram, scrapbooking, Disney, and delicious food. Your purchase includes:

• “Just the project video” for quick review • A full one-hour “Like you were there” video of the entire scrapinar, including Q&A • Chat transcript

Start with Story: A New Approach to Scrapbooking

• If you sit down to scrapbook and don’t know where to start…• Or if you leaf through your pages and albums and feel like something’s missing amongst the beautiful layouts…
• Or if there are stories burning inside you to be told, but you don’t know how to get them down on the page…
• Or if you love scrapbooking and just want a new take on documenting your life story…
…You NEED to check out this interactive, one-hour session with scrapbook superhero Lain Ehmann (that’s me!). I  share a new approach to scrapbooking that’s guaranteed to help you create authentic, memory-capturing pages – that are easy and fun to create. Lain is an expert at storytelling (no grammar and spelling police!) and will help you escape the doldrums of “same old, same old” pages and look at your favorite hobby in a whole new way.<

Ribbons and Lace: From Glam to Grunge

Think ribbons and lace mean dainty and girly, best suited for Little House on the Prairie and bridal gowns? Think again! Mixed media artist Donna Salazar is the queen of texture and transformation, and in this one-hour video class, she’s going to show you how to take some of your favorite fibers and take them from glam to grunge. A talented artist and teacher, Donna will demonstrate easy and fun ways to grunge up “girlie” embellishments to make an edgy, modern statement on your cards, layouts, and mixed media projects. Let out your inner rock goddess and check out this informative, entertaining, action-packed class.

Euphoric Ephemera: Adding Bits, Bobbles, and Treasures to Your Papercrafting Projects

Are you up for adding fantastic flowers to an altered journal? Or maybe you want to embellish a tag with receipts, paper bits, and some positively perfect ribbon? Or what about turning a card from drab to fab with vintage findings galore? Adding 3D elements and ephemera can stifle even the most brave-hearted of papercrafters. But never fear, the empress of ephemera, Tammy Tutterow, is here! In this one-hour video class, she will show you how to add luscious dimension, texture, and treasures to your cards, tags, and altered projects.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Where to find vintage and modern treasures
  • How to incorporate them into your projects
  • Ways to alter your treasures for a custom look
  • How to adhere them so they won’t end up on the craft room floor
  • …And more!

Tammy will demonstrate some of her favorite methods for using her little bits and bobs, show off gorgeous projects, and include more suggestions for using and storing her goodies. You won’t want to miss this interactive, inspiring session.

Pocket Page Planning

Pocket scrapbooking is all the rage, and it’s a great way to capture your daily life in a fun and fast manner. But planning out all the details of the photos and ephemera and journaling can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re looking for a simple way to streamline your process, let Traci Reed help! She’s turned what could be an avalanche of stories, memories, product and photos into a step-by-step process that will take you from story to spread quickly and easily. NOTE: Traci uses her personal “Life Planner” (available for purchase), but you can adapt her tips for any calendar/organizational process.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How to stay “caught up” with your project
  • Tips for spreading your tasks out across the week to be prepared when your crafting time comes
  • How to organize your photos digitally
  • Suggestions for capturing quotes, fleeting memories, and other easily forgotten bits and pieces
  • And more!

Spend an hour with Traci and me, and you’ll be ready to tackle your PL/pocket page projects! You’ll get the full webinar replay, the project video, Q&A recording, and chat… hooray!

Oh, Shoot! Creating a Successful Daily Photography Project

Committing to a daily practice can bring oodles of enjoyment, a refinement of your craft, and some stress, too! No one knows that better than professional photographer and CaptureYour365.com founder Katrina Kennedy. She’s coached hundreds of scrapbookers and amateur photographers through the ups and downs of daily photography, and in this video class she shares her tips, ideas, and strategies for making your photo a day practice into a joyful, rewarding, and do-able experience.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Why setting your PURPOSE is one of the most important parts of your 365 project
  • Where to find inspiration and support for your journey
  • How to create a 365 project workflow that really works!
  • What to do with all those photos…
  • …And more!

Katrina also suggests resources for your project, and shares what she’s learned from over five years of her personal photo-a-day experience. You won’t want to miss this interactive, entertaining session. Your purchase includes the project video, the full, hour-long scrapinar (with chat and Q&A), and a downloadable resource guide. Don’t start your daily photography project without this class!

Dazzle Your December

Looking for realistic yet inspiring ideas to capture your holidays in a crafty manner without going crazy? Lain Ehmann’s got the answers! In this short, 20-minute video class, she’ll review multiple ways to document your holiday season in a meaningful, yet totally do-able, manner. Whether you’re tackling December Daily (TM), Capture Your Christmas, Journal Your Kwanzaa, or some hybrid, you’ll be sure to enjoy these innovative, simple ways to celebrate the season and still have time to wrap presents!

Organize, Energize with Professional Organizer

Organize, Energize with Professional Organizer Aby Garvey!Long recognized as the organizer to scrappers and crafters everywhere, Aby returns for a full hour of YOUR questions and answers. In this hour-long replay, you’ll here answers to questions like:

  • How do I organize my (embellishments, punches, patterned paper, washi tape, alpha stickers, stamps)?
  • What can digital scrapbookers do to keep their digi stashes under control?
  • How do I create a useful, eye-pleasing space when you have to share your crafting area with the rest of the family?
  • How – and why – to purge (and when not to!)
  • And more!

This video interview with Aby includes answers to all your burning crafting and organizational questions. You’ll get an hour-long video, plus chat transcript, and you’ll end our time together with tons of energy to banish your inner hoarder and get organized once and for all!

Color Me Happy! Your Color Questions Answered

Color, color, everywhere… but how the heck do you use it?! Let Certified Color Expert Lori Sawaya give you the lowdown on:

  • Color basics – How to select colors to go with and enhance, not clash with, your photos
  • How to tell which colors go, and which colors are NO!
  • How to create a mood or evoke emotion with color
  • The latest on color trends
  • And more!

Spend an hour with Lori and you’ll come away more confident in your color choices than ever before. You’ll get the full webinar replay, Q&A recording, and chat… all for a song!

9 to 5: Creative Crafting with Office Supplies

Scrapbooking and office supplies go hand-in-hand. And in this one-hour video class with scrapbook superhero and self-proclaimed office supply addict Lain Ehmann (that’s me!), you’ll learn how to use those oh-so-cute pens, papers, and tools in your crafting! From art journals to traditional scrapbook layouts, Lain’s got ideas to stoke your crafting fire and put supplies you already have to new and unique uses.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • What products to look for at your favorite office supply store
  • How you can save money and follow the latest trends with office supplies
  • New looks for old supplies
  • Three separate project ideas with a multitude of applications
  • And more!

Let’s spend an hour together laughing and learning. You’ll get the full webinar replay, the project video, Q&A recording, and chat… hooray!

6×6 Pads for 12×12 Pages

We know you’ve been hoarding those adorable and oh-so-affordable 6×6 paper pads. They are so cute and inexpensive, but what do we do with them besides admiring them? Well, we’ll help you! In this video class with YouTube scrapbooking sensation Lisa Echerd, you’ll learn how to stop hoarding and start using those pads on your traditional scrapbooking pages.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How to choose the best pads for your scrapbook pages
  • How to use die-cuts to make your investment go even further
  • When to use whole sheets or partial sheets
  • Tips on how to leverage these little gems to get an abundance of pattern choices
  • And more!

Spend an hour with Lisa and me, and you’ll be ready to use up those 6×6 paper pads!

Washi Wahoo Too

Addicted to washi tape but not sure how to use it? Or maybe you’re in love with the sticky stuff and want to learn MORE ways to put your favorite trend to good use. In either case, washi guru Monica Bradford has some creative tips up her sleeve. In this video scrapinar, Monica will wow you with her prowess as she wrangles her washi and makes it do her bidding. You’ll never look at washi the same way again!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • ALL NEW tips and techniques for using washi tape on your projects
  • How to incorporate popular trends using washi
  • How to create your own washi tape
  • Storage ideas for your rolls
  • And more!

Spend an hour with Monica Bradford and me, and you’ll be ready to holler “Washi Wahoo!”

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

You spend hours creating a beautiful card for that special occasion… so doesn’t it deserve a “home” worthy of its beauty? Yes, it does! And Windy Robinson, Paper Crafts Magazine Go-To Gal and envelope artiste extraordinaire, has some creative tips up her sleeve. In this hour-long video class, Windy will show you how to create gorgeous hand-crafted and hand-embellished envelopes and mail art that will make even the grumpiest postman smile! And it takes only minutes…

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Easy ways to jazz up pre-made envelopes
  • How to create your own handmade envelopes from a variety of materials
  • What envelope sizes are standard
  • What’s safe to mail and what’s not
  • And more!

Spend an hour with Windy Robinson and host Lain Ehmann, and you’ll be ready to double your crafting pleasure with envelopes that are worthy of the art (and heart!) inside!

Template Tantrum! Putting Your Templates, Masks and Stencils to Work

Does figuring out how to use your templates, masks, and stencils make you want to throw a tantrum? Well, Lain Ehmann has the secrets — and she’s going to spill! In this hour-long video class, Lain’s going to show you how flexible these inexpensive tools can be. Whether you’re a stamper, card-maker, scrapbooker, or art journaler, you’ll learn some terrific ways to put your templates, masks and stencils to work!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Where to find templates, masks and stencils (TMSs) — and how to make your own!
  • What kinds of media you can use with your TMSs
  • How to get several looks from one TMS
  • How to care for and store your TMSs to give them the longest life possible
  • And more!

Spend an hour with Lain Ehmann, and you’ll be ready to add texture, whimsy and FUN to your pages, cards, and other papercrafting projects.

Get Your Stitch On

Love the look of stitching on scrapbooking and papercrafting projects, but have no idea how to make it work? Well, Jennifer Larson has the secrets — and she’s going to spill – on video!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How to prep your project…
  • What kinds of needles and threads work best…
  • How to stitch without wrecking your sewing machine…
  • How to make sure your stitches stay put!
  • And more!

Spend an hour with Jennifer Larson, and you’ll be ready to add texture, whimsy and FUN to your pages, cards, and other papercrafting projects.

Quick and Easy Holiday Cards

You may not have time to pull together dozens of handmade holiday cards to send to your nearest and dearest, but you still have PLENTY of time to create a digital photo card to showcase your family at its best! And with the amazing assortment of cute, classic, vintage and va-va-voom holiday digital designs available, there’s no reason NOT to put your personal touch on your holiday photo cards.

Traci Reed from Sweet Shoppe Designs is here to show you how quickly you can make your own holiday cards right on your computer! In this 24-minute video, Traci will walk us through the steps to:

 Downloading and opening a pre-made card template

 Placing your own photo

 Adding an overlay

 Personalizing with your own text

Get Organized For Project Life

Becky Higgins’ Project Life has taken the scrapping world by storm. Whether you’re an experienced Project Life participant, a newcomer to the process, or someone who’s a bit curious but scared to take the plunge… this scrapinar is for you! Former Project Life Creative Team member Jennifer Woodbury walks you step-by-step through her Project Life process in this one-hour video class, covering:

 Selecting photos to use and subjects to photograph

 Organizing photos and supplies for easy access and quicker scrapbooking

 Planning your pages

 Creating your PL “spreads”

Scrap Like The Wind

No matter how much time you have to scrapbook, there’s never enough. There are always more stories to capture, more pages to create, more albums to work on. Never fear! In this hour-long video class, Lain “Speedy Gonzalez” Ehmann, professional scrapbooker and founder of True Scrap, will show you twelve ways to speed up your scrapbooking, including:

 Why “pre-scrapping” pages and embellishments can cut HOURS off your scrapping

 The ways “batch processing” can reduce prep time

 The questions to ask yourself before you start ANY project

 How to “supersize” your creations to save time AND money

Get Your Color On: Copic Coloring

Copics are hot, but they’re not cheap. So before you go drop a bundle, learn the basics so you won’t waste your hard-earned cash! In this hour-long video class, Copic certified instructor Cara Miller will answer questions like:

 ”What colors should I buy first?”

 “Should I order brush tips or chisel tips or…?”

 “What are the best papers and inks to work with?”

 “I’m so overwhelmed! Where the heck do I start?”

Traffic Jam! Drive Massive Amounts of Traffic to Your Blog

Whether you’re trying to grow your scrapbooking business or you just want to share your work with a wider audience, the key is TRAFFIC. Want to know how to get more eyeballs on your site? Let six-figure business owner Lain Ehmann teach you her secrets, including:

 THE question you need to answer before you even think about writing your first post…

 The seven top traffic sources to bring scores of visitors to your site…

 How social media can KILL your blog…

 The ONE thing every visitor to your blog is looking for…

Kit ‘N’ Kaboodle: Create Your Own Papercrafting Kits

We’ve all got more product than we could ever use… so let Sizzix design team member and True Scrap instructor Gretchen Schmidt show you how to stashbust by creating your own custom kits! In this 50-minute video class, you’ll learn:

 Three different kinds of papercrafting kits

 What elements every kit needs

 How to select products that give you tons of inspiration and work together

Washi Tape Wahoo

Learn dozens of ways to use the hottest trend in papercrafting: WASHI! In this 60-minute video class, experienced scrapbook instructor and True Scrap teacher Monica Bradford will demonstrate:

 Why washi tape is sweeping the scrapbooking world

 How to use washi to embellish tags, cards, and scrapbook layouts

 How to combine washi with other products for the best effect

Create Perfect Custom Photo Books

Photo books are the quickest way to scrapbook a lot of photos in a stylish manner. And while many online photo companies offer pre-made designs, it’s really easy to customize your books for a unique look! In this half-hour video class, True Scrap instructor and digital scrapbooking expert Melissa Shanhun will teach you:

 How to use Shutterfly’s “custom paths” to create books in minutes

 How to adapt and edit the pre-sets to create a unique look

 How to embellish your pages quickly and easily


Want to make your project photos sing so you can submit them for publication, make them stand out in online galleries, or make your blog look its very best? In this hour-long video class, former Garden Girl and True Scrap instructor Nichol Magouirk will show you:

 How to stage your project photos for maximum impact

 Lighting tips to make your projects shine

 What camera and settings she uses to get the best shots

Take Amazing Project Photos

Want to make your project photos sing so you can submit them for publication, make them stand out in online galleries, or make your blog look its very best? In this hour-long video class, former Garden Girl and True Scrap instructor Nichol Magouirk will show you: