Stitch it. Dot it. Edge it.

Whether it’s outlining title letters, adding a bit of ink to the
edge of her patterned paper, or hand stitching thread onto a
layout, odds are that May Flaum’s doing something to add a touch of
contrast to her projects. With just a few moments of time and a little creative thinking you
can use a pen, needle and thread, and several other low budget
options to jazz up and enhance your paper-based layouts, cards, and

With a little inspiration and a lot of project examples and simple
how-to, you’ll see how a little detail can go a long way in taking
your page from nice to wow! INCLUDED IN YOUR PURCHASE: a 30-minute video and PDF handout.

Photo Composition

Your view through your lens determines how your memories are preserved. But choosing what to capture can be confusing and overwhelming — after all, the choices are truly limitless! Thank goodness, we’ve got expert photographer Katrina Kennedy to show us how to explore techniques to create stronger images, no matter what camera you use.

In this class, we will cover:

•               The elements of strong composition

•               Lens choice

•               How to tell a visual story

•               Framing your subject

•               The rule of thirds and beyond

•               How to see more creatively

Freud on Scrapbooking: Sometimes a page isn’t just a page… Inspiration for Free!

Do you look at the same catalogues and magazines over and over?  Why?

Do certain shapes, colors and images look better to you than others?   Why?

Do certain websites and blogs appeal to you more  because of the layouts?  Why?

Lie down on the sofa, and lets discuss the psychology of why you like what you like.

First, tell me about your mother….

KIDDING!  Grab your scissors and your favorite magazines and catalogues and let’s figure out how to translate what you like into free inspiration for scrapbook pages.  We will look at colors & white space, turn magazine pages into sketches and figure out how to make our eye candy into delicious pages.

Go with the Flow: Creating flow in your scrapbook albums

Scrapbooking is how we write our own life story, but often we do that one page at a time.  Creating albums that flow beautifully from one page to the next will give your creativity a kick and make your scrapbooks more meaningful than ever.  When Shimelle adds that flow to an album, it’s not restrictive like creating an entire album with just one coordinated set of supplies and it doesn’t have to be an album with an overall theme.  Instead, she takes cues from existing pages in her albums – even pages she created years ago – and lets that guide her decisions for both design and storytelling.  In this workshop, she’ll share this process and lead you through the creation of layouts that will add grace and style to your albums.

Creating Digital Templates for Photo Printing

Have you ever wondered how to print multiple photos on one photo sheet? Did you ever think of to printing photos or various sizes on a standard size print? I’ll demystify photo templates and explain what Photoshop clipping masks are all about — you’ll be whizzing around Photoshop before you know it!

Solutions for Small Scrapbook Spaces

Aby wowed the scrapbooking world with her book, The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker, co-authored with Wendy Smedley. Now she’s back to share how to make the most of your scrapbook space even if it’s small, shared or a temporary (like the kitchen table.) She’ll show you how to find hidden pockets of storage space for your scrapbook supplies and how you can make the most of your area with space-stretching storage solutions. You’ll learn how to create a functional and inspiring scrapbook area that will make you a happy and productive scrapbooker.

Mixed-Media Scrapbook Pages

Want to add some more artistic flair to your scrapbook pages and cards? Confused about combining techniques and creating a work of art? Want to learn more about texture, layering, and dimension, as well as some of the hottest tools and techniques on the market? Here’s your chance!  Join Erin Bassett as she shows you more fabulous techniques using die-cuts, paint, and spray mists.

Phoning It In: Using cell phone photos effectively

Do you snap a lot of cell phone pictures but worry that the quality is “less scrapworthy” than photos from a conventional camera? Well hold the phone, because Tami Morrison is here to dispel that myth! She’ll reveal her favorite photo apps and printing pointers to help counteract the shortcomings of your phone’s lens. Got hang-ups about choosing product and designing pages around those non-traditional photo sizes and artistic filters? Tami’s got your number! Her tried-and-true design tips and page examples will make you a smooth operator of phone photo scrapbooking in no time.

Ready, Set, Distress!

Beautifully detailed vintage pages are the focus of many scrapbooks these days.  Inking and curling, sanding and painting,  Nic has built the perfect how-to class to set you on your way to distressing perfection.  Learn how to create a vintage distressed layout from start to finish, using a techniques you can apply to any project.  Nic is known for her ability to create visually stimulating textures and dimensions on a scrapbook page, and now she’s going to share her favourite techniques with you!

Spray Inks De-Mist-ified

This class will teach several techniques for incorporating spray inks on your scrapbook pages: backgrounds, embellishments, masking, misting & stamping, and using mists “neatly”. The class will include tips and tricks for less messy ways to use spray inks, and cost saving methods for accumulating misting tools and supplies.

Super Stamping Secrets II

There is nothing more addicting and rewarding in the craft world then stamping. With the right stamps and inks, you can create one-of-a-kind scrapbook and card embellishments, backgrounds and more. Join Jennifer in creating several scrapbook pages and cards using some of the most creative stamping techniques ever!

Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts

Stamping on your scrapbook layouts is one of the most rewarding ways to add a personal homemade touch to your pages. Nichol will share some of her favorite stamping techniques with True Scrap students, showing how to layer, add dimension and add lots of bold, bright stamped color to scrapbook layouts. She will share lots of examples and tips on how colorufl ink choices influence stamped titles, phrases, images and backgrounds.

From Pages to Cards

Sometimes cardmaking can be a bit intimating when you first start out, especially for scrapbookers. But it’s super easy to shift the scrapbooking mindset over to cardmaking and use up some of those leftover scraps and supplies. In From Pages to Cards, Kristina walks you through everything you need to know about cardmaking. From the practical side (envelopes, standard card sizes, mailing, etc) to speaking about cardmaking design terms in a “language” any scrapbooker can relate to.

Going Off the Grid: Creating layouts that are anything but square

Grids can make a great foundation for a scrapbook page, but let’s face it – sometimes grids can be boxy, blocky, and just plain boring. Learn how to take your grids to the next level with fresh design ideas from Lisa Dickinson.  She’ll show you how to move beyond symmetrical squares by incorporating unexpected shapes, textures, and design elements on your page. The class will include inspiring page designs that prove, with a little creativity and experimentation, grid design can break out of the box!

Show Me the Money! A Dozen Ways to Make Money Scrapbooking

Getting flak from your friends and family about the amount of papercrafting supplies you own, as well as the amount of time you spend on  your hobby? Wondering if you can ever recoup the money you’ve invested in your favorite hobby? Author, instructor and businesswoman Lain Ehmann will show you that it IS possible to turn scrapbooking into a hobby, and will provide a dozen ways to get that “Kaching” button ringing — in YOUR favor.

Quick and Easy Digital Pages

Join digital diva Renee Pearson as she demonstrates how to quickly put together digital and hybrid layouts using two popular techniques—quickpages and layered page templates. In this workshop, you’ll learn to use both. In addition to the live video-based demonstration, Renee will provide free downloadable quickpages and templates along with a color PDF (for both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements) so you can practice the techniques on your own.

Design Your Story with Embellishment Gatherings

We Love layers. We love embellishments. We love details.

We can bring the layers, the embellishments — all the eye-catching details — together to create embellishment gatherings that will draw a person into your creations and lead their eye to where you want it go!

So here’s what we’re going to learn about embellishment gatherings:

  • Types and Places - Different types of gatherings and the places you can put them on your scrapbook and mini-book pages.

No more shuffling things around, trying to figure out where your embellishments should go!

  • Parts and Pieces - The different elements that make up a great layered embellishment gathering.

If you have these three different pieces in mind you’ll have no problem figuring out how to put together a cluster of embellishments. We’ll remove the fuss and go straight to the play!

  • Supplies - Different types of supplies you can choose that will become the parts and pieces of your embellishment gatherings.

We’ll go out of the box to repurpose traditional scrapbook supplies so you can use them in surprising new ways in your layered gatherings.

We’ll remove the mystery of how much embellishing to use and where to put embellishments!

That is, we’ll remove the mystery for YOU.

But we’ll be CREATING MYSTERY on your pages because your gatherings will draw people in to your surprising and beautiful details!

Are you ready to start layering and gathering?