True Scrap 1 Make and Takes

Class format: Five separate videos delivered as streaming MP4 videos.

Length: 10-15 minutes each Price: $14.99 for all five videos

Inspiration Files

Inspiration is all around us…but how the heck to you take the barrage of everyday eye candy that makes your creative muse swoon, and translate it into great scrapbook pages? In her True Scrap class, Curiosity Queen and inspiring ingénue Tami Morrison will share some of her favorite (and occasionally unconventional) sources for inspiration, and show how she spins them into scrapbook gold.

Tami will show you how to translate your favorite inspiration pieces to fantastic, creative scrapbook pages!

Class format: Slideshow presentation and audio delivered as a streaming MP4 video.

Length26 minutes Price: $9.99

Super Stamping Secrets

Stamps are one of the most versatile — and economical — tools a crafter can add to her repertoire. Jennifer will share some of her favorite stamping techniques with True Scrap students, showing how stamping can add color, style and wow to any paper crafting project. In this class, Jennifer shares the secrets for incorporating stamping into your scrapbooks. She also walks you through her favorite techniques with the creation of 3 scrapbook pages and 6 cards! Many unique techniques are shared. Warning: Stamping is addictive!

If you’re wondering what to do with all those stamps you’ve been collecting, wonder no more! Jennifer will show you fun, easy techniques to rock your pages, cards, and other projects.

Class format: Streaming MP4 video, plus bonus PDF handout.

Length32 minutes Price: $9.99

Creative Stash-Diving

No matter what the TV announcers and newspapers say, times are still tight. Even though we consider it a necessity, scrapbooking may seem like a luxury item, so why not learn to make the most of what you have? Shimelle is an expert at doing more with less, and she’s going to teach True Scrap students some innovative, fun, and eye-catching ways to get creative with products and tools you already own.

Shimelle will show you an easy and fun method for scrapbooking lots of pages, using the products you have on-hand!

Class format: Streaming MP4 video, plus bonus PDF handout.

Length: 24 minutes Price: $9.99

Lights, Camera, Action: Action-Based Photography

Who better to teach scrapbookers about capturing action photos than a professional race photographer? From football to foosball to first steps, Katrina will share her secrets for documenting your favorite on-the-go moments. This class will introduce valuable skills to any photographer.

This class will show you the power of your camera — in an easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand fashion!

Class format: Slideshow presentation and audio delivered as a streaming MP4 video.

Length: 33 minutes Price: $9.99

From the Ground Up: Design Your Story

Great pages begin with great design. If you get the design right, the rest just flows… but if your design is weak, your page will suffer, no matter how many cute embellishments you add! Learn the basics of page design with Noell Hyman, and let her show you easy ways to create a strong foundation that will help your photos and stories shine!
Take this class to give your scrapbook pages the strong base they deserve!

Class format: Slideshow presentation and audio delivered as a streaming MP4 video.

Length: 35 minutes Price: $9.99

Touch Me! All About Texture

Nic Howard is known for her ability to create visually stimulating textures and dimensions on a scrapbook page, and now she’s going to share her favorite techniques with you! Learn how she builds eye-catching pages that are as meaningful as they are artistic.

You’ll learn tons of techniques for adding texture to your pages and paper art projects!

Class format: Streaming MP4 video.

Length: 42 minutes Price: $9.99

Scrapbook Organization Your Way

Aby wowed the scrapbooking world with her book,The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker, co-authored with Wendy Smedley. Now she shares many of the principles behind her work with True Scrap students. You’ll learn the basics for creating a crafting space that works with YOUR scrapbook style — one that inspires and energizes you. She’ll discuss organizing principles, why the Container Store should be the LAST step in your organizing process, and how to come up with a plan that fits your personal style.

Learn more about how to store your favorite supplies and products, in a cute and useful manner that fits YOU.

Class format: Audio interview accompanied by slideshow of organizational ideas and illustrations, delivered as streaming MP4 video.

Length: 40 minutes Price: $9.99

Pain-Free Journaling the EZ Way

Want to learn the secrets of fast, easy journaling from a professional writer? Here’s your chance! Professional journalist and author Lain Ehmann will share her tips for Painless Journaling the EZ Way. Filled with concrete examples and hints galore, this class will have you reaching for your notepad — with a smile! She’ll include a dozen (more or less…) ideas for getting meaningful, thoughtful stories on your pages, without getting a degree in English literature or hiring J.K. Rowling to write for you.

Lain will teach you to make journaling fun!

Class format: Slideshow presentation and audio delivered as a streaming MP4 video.

Length26 minutes Price: $9.99

Going to Pieces: Simple Tips for Turning Paper Scraps into Cute Embellishments

Remember the days when you were scrapbooking and you would stop mid-layout and run to the scrapbook store to buy that “perfect” embellishment? Remember scrapbook stores? The days of being able to add spur-of-the-moment purchases to your page have come and gone, but never fear! You can create your own perfect embellishments for your pages. Using the same simple shapes you have been drawing since you were 3, you can draw and piece together easy, inexpensive, eye-catching embellishments — and not worry about seeing the same thing in anyone else’s album!

Kelli’s iconic style will help you find new life in old supplies!

Class format: Slideshow presentation and audio delivered as a streaming MP4 video.

Length50 minutes Price: $9.99

Expressive Photography: It’s All in the Details

Based on her amazing book, Expressive Photography: The Shutter Sisters’ Guide to Shooting from the Heart, Tracey will be sharing tips and methods for making your photos capture the essence of your subjects. Suitable for all levels of photographers, “Expressive Photography” is a class no scrapbooker can afford to miss.

Tracey will  help you see your photography — and your life — in a different way!

Class format: Slideshow presentation and audio delivered as a streaming MP4 video.

Length: 37 minutes Price: $9.99

Die-Cut Dress-Up

Die-cut machine owners, rejoice! Expert Cricut wrangler and professional scrapbooker Erin Bassett will teach you some new tricks to have your die-cuts fetching, rolling over, and otherwise putting the WOW in WOWZERS! Die-cutters of all levels of expertise will enjoy seeing Erin’s creations and learning five new techniques to use their favorite tool.

Even those without a Cricut will find tons of inspiration and project ideas in this class!

Class format: Video tutorial. Delivered as streaming MP4 video, plus bonus PDF download.

Length: 35 minutes Price: $9.99

A Few of My Favorite Things

Known for her signature homey style and delicious chocolate chip cookies, Stephanie spreads a little homegrown hospitality wherever she goes! She’s going to teach True Scrap students some of her favorite homestyle crafting tricks using some of her must-have supplies, including felt, ribbon, and maybe even a doodle or two.

This is Stephanie’s first and only foray into the video tutorial medium – and it rocks!

Class format: Video tutorial. Delivered as streaming MP4 video, plus bonus PDF download.

Length: 27 minutes Price: $9.99

Keynote Interview: Ali Edwards, Intentional Memory-Keeping

Ali is all about the intersection of stories and the images of life. In this very special keynote interview exclusively for True Scrap, she shares her views on Intentional Memory-Keeping. In other words:

  • How does the practice of scrapbooking change the way she lives her life, and vice-versa?
  • What tools does she use to capture different types of stories?
  • What habits has she adopted to make the practice of scrapbooking and memory-keeping more ingrained in her life?
  • How does she feel about starting — and then abandoning — projects like Project Life, Photo a Day, or December Daily?

You will not want to miss this behind-the-scenes look at how one amazing storyteller integrates photography, scrapbooking, and life.

Class format: Audio interview accompanied by slideshow of Ali’s work. Delivered as streaming MP4 video.