Feeding Frenzy: Taking Eye-Catching Food Photos to Scrap and Share

Food promo -sale.jpg
Food promo -sale.jpg

Love a good meal? Love photos? Then we’ve got the class for you! Combine your lust for finger-licking food with your memory-keeping in “Feeding Frenzy: Taking Eye-Catching Food Photos to Scrap and Share.” Instructor Danielle Taylor will show you not only the ins and outs of getting that perfect sandwich shot, but also how to use those photos to enhance your scrapbooking, craft projects, and more. In this one-hour video session, you’ll learn:
• How to take advantage of setting and lighting to get a super shot of your super sub
• How you can add a new layer to your memory-keeping with fun food photos
• What to do with all the yummy-yummy pics you take
•And more!
Buy now and learn how to take drool-worthy food photos with “Scrapper on the Street” Dani Taylor. Dani is known for her love of instagram, scrapbooking, Disney, and delicious food. Your purchase includes:

• “Just the project video” for quick review • A full one-hour “Like you were there” video of the entire scrapinar, including Q&A • Chat transcript