Beyond the Box: Creative ways to add journaling to your pages

“Beyond the Box” is a fresh approach to journaling! We will focus on journaling design with a purpose. Going beyond the typical journaling block, this class helps you think “outside of the box” and create dynamic journaling design elements that support the look and feel of your layouts. We will create three layouts in which the journaling becomes a primary focal point of the page. Helpful hints and step-by-step instructions are included for each project. Additional ideas for journaling design are also included in the full color, instructional PDF to help eliminate your journaling block and spark your creativity!

The Boys Are Back in Town: Making Manly & Masculine Layouts

Learn the secrets of masculine-centered scrapbooking! Whether you’re memory keeping for toddlers, teens or the special man in your life, this class focuses on the ins and outs of selecting patterns, textures and products for your layouts. Masculine design provides a fresh approach to storytelling!

This comprehensive course with Jennifer Gallacher covers both thematic and emotional scrapbooking for boys and men. The tutorial focuses on the planning process and the completion of two start-to-finish layouts. Instructional materials include the process and philosophy of masculine scrapbooking, as well as, showcase both the two video projects and three BONUS projects. Additional inspiration and ideas are also provided!

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun: Creating Two-Page Layouts

Looking for ways to document your memories across a double-page spread? Tired of only having one-page designs to choose from? Designer Jen Gallacher shares her tips and tricks for designing and creating two-page layouts in a method that’s both rewarding and fun.
In this course, Jen walks you through her planning and design process including how to use a one page design to fit two pages, as well as, how to stretch supplies to fit two pages. She then completes an entire double-page layout from start-to-finish. Additional samples are included both in her instructional video and full-color course instruction booklet.

$12.95 for this video class.