Freud on Scrapbooking: Sometimes a page isn’t just a page… Inspiration for Free!

Do you look at the same catalogues and magazines over and over?  Why?

Do certain shapes, colors and images look better to you than others?   Why?

Do certain websites and blogs appeal to you more  because of the layouts?  Why?

Lie down on the sofa, and lets discuss the psychology of why you like what you like.

First, tell me about your mother….

KIDDING!  Grab your scissors and your favorite magazines and catalogues and let’s figure out how to translate what you like into free inspiration for scrapbook pages.  We will look at colors & white space, turn magazine pages into sketches and figure out how to make our eye candy into delicious pages.

Just Get It On the Page! Finally scrapbooking those photos and stories you’ve had lying around forever

You know the photos…the ones you keep putting off scrapbooking. The ones that have a great memory attached but are lousy pictures. The ones where you really don’t remember what was happening in them. The single photo of your kid pulling a wagon at age 2…or was it 3? The special photos you are “saving” for the perfect page. The thoughts and moments you want to capture but you do not even have a picture to go with them. The time is now and our mantra is simple: Just get it on the page! Together with her students, Kelli will create a system, ideas, and journaling prompts for getting these moments safely on a page.