Washi Wahoo Too

Addicted to washi tape but not sure how to use it? Or maybe you’re in love with the sticky stuff and want to learn MORE ways to put your favorite trend to good use. In either case, washi guru Monica Bradford has some creative tips up her sleeve. In this video scrapinar, Monica will wow you with her prowess as she wrangles her washi and makes it do her bidding. You’ll never look at washi the same way again!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • ALL NEW tips and techniques for using washi tape on your projects
  • How to incorporate popular trends using washi
  • How to create your own washi tape
  • Storage ideas for your rolls
  • And more!

Spend an hour with Monica Bradford and me, and you’ll be ready to holler “Washi Wahoo!”

Washi Tape Wahoo

Learn dozens of ways to use the hottest trend in papercrafting: WASHI! In this 60-minute video class, experienced scrapbook instructor and True Scrap teacher Monica Bradford will demonstrate:

 Why washi tape is sweeping the scrapbooking world

 How to use washi to embellish tags, cards, and scrapbook layouts

 How to combine washi with other products for the best effect

Your Social Story

We live in a digital world where social media is not just a tool – but a lifestyle! Join Social Media maven, Monica Bradford, as she helps you take your digital world and turn it into something glitterific, using sparks and prompts from your social media streams to create a trendy and eye-catching minibook! Even if glitter isn’t your thing – this class will have something for everyone with variations of the project. Each element in the class can be used in the mini-book featured or in traditional layouts.

All I Really Need to Know About Journaling I Learned in First Grade

Former elementary school teacher Monica Bradford says, “All I really need to know about how to live and what to journal and how to write I learned in first grade. Meaningful pages are not at the top of the magazine mountain, but there in the picture pile on my scrap table.

These are the things I learned:

All I need is an idea and a #2 pencil to begin

Story is more important than perfect grammar

A good book can be a great example

Sentence starters are for everyone

If first graders can do this…so can I.”

Join Monica as she shares these tips and more as she helps you simplify your journaling.

Greatest Hits: The Music of Your Life

We often associate music with major life events, whether it’s the latest top-40 countdown you boogied to at the high school dance, the Sinatra ballad for your first dance on your wedding day, or the “Hush, Little Baby” lullaby you sang to your newborn… Music is linked to our emotions and our memories, so why not use these precious bits of your past in our scrapbooking? Monica will lead you through the creation of a scrapbook where music sets the stage, from journaling to titles to design. She’ll also show you ninja tricks for actually adding the music right IN your album. $12.95 for this video class.