Scrapbookers, Unite! Using Harmony and Contrast to Create Unity

Some of the most eye-catching designs, whether in fashion or the visual arts, use the differing principles of harmony and contrast to create unity – an overall sense of cohesion that feels “just right.” But knowing how to use those principles can be difficult – at least until scrapbook designer and instructor Noell Hyman shows you how! In “Scrapbookers, Unite! Using Harmony and Contrast to Create Unity,” Noell will help you identify all three principles, show you how to achieve them, walk you through a scrapbook layout that is lacking in harmony and unity, and create a design that fixes the problem and creates that feeling of being satisfyingly finished. At the end of your time with her, you’ll have an empowering sense of how to create more cohesion and unity in your own designs.

Your purchase includes a 33-minute “Project Only” video, the full, 56-minute “Like You Were There” replay including chat and Q&A, and the chat transcript.

Small Details, Big Picture

Are you trying to figure out what you’ll put in your Project Life album, and what you’ll scrapbook traditionally? Do you ever feel like you’re neglecting one for the other? Or maybe that decision of what goes where actually locks you up and prevents you from moving forward at all. In “Small Details, Big Picture” we’ll tackle a whole month of life and stories, looking at a process for noticing the small details and the big picture, and sharing them both with a heathy balance of Project Life, themed story-album documenting, and traditional scrapbooking.

Your purchase includes a 32-minute “Project Only” video, the full, 62-minute “Like You Were There” replay including chat and Q&A, and the chat transcript.

Designing with Symbols and Imagery

You probably wouldn’t have guessed that a topic as abstract as designing with symbols and imagery would help you in those very concrete and basic areas. But it will and Noell will show you how! You’ll also find that your scrapbooking choices are more deliberate, intuitive, and rewarding! There are more ways to tell a story than with just words, and symbols are a fun way to communicate at a deeper level. They can also make it easier to scrapbook!

Story Core Design: A Storytelling Process for Scrapbooking

Do you stare at a mostly blank page for too long while you scrapbook? Do you get excited about fabulous photos, only to find you’re lacking an equally fabulous idea for your page? Do you spend too much time hunting for inspiration or moving things around the page, and not completing enough layouts?

Story Core Design will help you with all of these challenges. Story Core Design is Noell Hyman’s own scrapbooking process, and it has a built-in inspiration system so you’re never without ideas. It narrows down placement and product options for you and eliminates overwhelm from beginning to end. You’ll spend less time hunting for the perfect products and very little time moving things around the page.

In this presentation for True Scrap you’ll see this entire process in action!

Design Your Story with Bits and Pieces

Want a fun layout concept that will make your leftovers and scraps look freaking awesome? In this class Noell will teach you how to create some very different pages with this one concept. It’s an idea you’ll be able to use over and over, and people will just think you make tons of fun and energetic pages with lots of movement and visual interest — which, of course, will be true. Get ready to breathe new life into your leftovers!

$12.95 for this video class.