Go with the Flow: Creating flow in your scrapbook albums

Scrapbooking is how we write our own life story, but often we do that one page at a time.  Creating albums that flow beautifully from one page to the next will give your creativity a kick and make your scrapbooks more meaningful than ever.  When Shimelle adds that flow to an album, it’s not restrictive like creating an entire album with just one coordinated set of supplies and it doesn’t have to be an album with an overall theme.  Instead, she takes cues from existing pages in her albums – even pages she created years ago – and lets that guide her decisions for both design and storytelling.  In this workshop, she’ll share this process and lead you through the creation of layouts that will add grace and style to your albums.

The Perfect Collection: Using your favorite collection pack to the very last scrap

Do you pick your papers by the sheet or by the pack? If you’re a collector who loves to have the full collection, this class will help you make meaningful pages from your favorite collection pack, right to the very last scrap. If you’ve never wanted to touch a collection pack before, Shimelle might just make you change your mind, as she takes you through her steps for creating a full album of stories with just one collection of papers. Part design, part technique and part written reflection, this class will keep you creating without letting repeated papers take away the lustre.