Oh, Shoot! Creating a Successful Daily Photography Project


Committing to a daily practice can bring oodles of enjoyment, a refinement of your craft, and some stress, too! No one knows that better than professional photographer and CaptureYour365.com founder Katrina Kennedy. She’s coached hundreds of scrapbookers and amateur photographers through the ups and downs of daily photography, and in this video class she shares her tips, ideas, and strategies for making your photo a day practice into a joyful, rewarding, and do-able experience.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Why setting your PURPOSE is one of the most important parts of your 365 project
  • Where to find inspiration and support for your journey
  • How to create a 365 project workflow that really works!
  • What to do with all those photos…
  • …And more!

Katrina also suggests resources for your project, and shares what she’s learned from over five years of her personal photo-a-day experience. You won’t want to miss this interactive, entertaining session. Your purchase includes the project video, the full, hour-long scrapinar (with chat and Q&A), and a downloadable resource guide. Don’t start your daily photography project without this class!