Sketchbook Secrets: A Peek Inside the Creative Process

Scrapbookers adore sketches. Just as a strong recipe can serve as a step-by-step guide to a perfect meal or a launching point for your own creativity, scrapbook sketches can also provide a detailed structure for pages you love. Let instructor and chief sketch artist Lisa Echerd delight you with her insider’s view of creating and using sketches. In this one-hour video class, you’ll learn:

  • How sketches can help you be MORE creative and save time
  • How to get more from your sketches so you can use one design multiple ways
  • How to turn a one-page sketch into a double-page spread
  • How to create your own sketches from your favorite designs
  • …And more!

Your purchase includes:

  • A 23-minute Project-Only video for quick review
  • An hour-long “Like You Were There” video of the entire scrapinar (including Q&A)
  • A PDF transcript of the chat

Color Me Happy! Your Color Questions Answered

Color, color, everywhere… but how the heck do you use it?! Let Certified Color Expert Lori Sawaya give you the lowdown on:

  • Color basics – How to select colors to go with and enhance, not clash with, your photos
  • How to tell which colors go, and which colors are NO!
  • How to create a mood or evoke emotion with color
  • The latest on color trends
  • And more!

Spend an hour with Lori and you’ll come away more confident in your color choices than ever before. You’ll get the full webinar replay, Q&A recording, and chat… all for a song!

Going Off the Grid: Creating layouts that are anything but square

Grids can make a great foundation for a scrapbook page, but let’s face it – sometimes grids can be boxy, blocky, and just plain boring. Learn how to take your grids to the next level with fresh design ideas from Lisa Dickinson.  She’ll show you how to move beyond symmetrical squares by incorporating unexpected shapes, textures, and design elements on your page. The class will include inspiring page designs that prove, with a little creativity and experimentation, grid design can break out of the box!

Design Your Story with Embellishment Gatherings

We Love layers. We love embellishments. We love details.

We can bring the layers, the embellishments — all the eye-catching details — together to create embellishment gatherings that will draw a person into your creations and lead their eye to where you want it go!

So here’s what we’re going to learn about embellishment gatherings:

  • Types and Places - Different types of gatherings and the places you can put them on your scrapbook and mini-book pages.

No more shuffling things around, trying to figure out where your embellishments should go!

  • Parts and Pieces - The different elements that make up a great layered embellishment gathering.

If you have these three different pieces in mind you’ll have no problem figuring out how to put together a cluster of embellishments. We’ll remove the fuss and go straight to the play!

  • Supplies - Different types of supplies you can choose that will become the parts and pieces of your embellishment gatherings.

We’ll go out of the box to repurpose traditional scrapbook supplies so you can use them in surprising new ways in your layered gatherings.

We’ll remove the mystery of how much embellishing to use and where to put embellishments!

That is, we’ll remove the mystery for YOU.

But we’ll be CREATING MYSTERY on your pages because your gatherings will draw people in to your surprising and beautiful details!

Are you ready to start layering and gathering?

Design Your Story with Bits and Pieces

Want a fun layout concept that will make your leftovers and scraps look freaking awesome? In this class Noell will teach you how to create some very different pages with this one concept. It’s an idea you’ll be able to use over and over, and people will just think you make tons of fun and energetic pages with lots of movement and visual interest — which, of course, will be true. Get ready to breathe new life into your leftovers!

$12.95 for this video class.