Create Perfect Custom Photo Books

Photo books are the quickest way to scrapbook a lot of photos in a stylish manner. And while many online photo companies offer pre-made designs, it’s really easy to customize your books for a unique look! In this half-hour video class, True Scrap instructor and digital scrapbooking expert Melissa Shanhun will teach you:

 How to use Shutterfly’s “custom paths” to create books in minutes

 How to adapt and edit the pre-sets to create a unique look

 How to embellish your pages quickly and easily

Blending Secrets: Seamless Digital Blending

Digital scrapbookers are well-known for blending large photos into their page backgrounds. You can’t tell where the photo ends and the paper begins! Wondering how you can build inspired, expressive, and jaw-dropping blended layouts too? Join digital scrapbook instructor Tiffany Tillman in creating one-of-a-kind digital or hybrid scrapbook pages using Photoshop Element’s versatile array of blending tools.

Artsy Effects for Hybrid Pages

Whether you’re a digi darling, a hybrid lover, or Photoshop baby, you’ll love this class on artsy photo techniques! Digital scrapbooking expert Anna Apsnes will demonstrate four artsy photo editing and embellishment techniques, including creating dreamy photo effects, enhancing a photo with color overlay, creating a photo flare, and using brushes to embellish a photo. Your transformed images can be incorporated into a variety of digital or paper projects.

Try Hybrid: Go-To Digital Techniques for Paper Scrapbookers

The digital scrapbooking world can be mysterious to memory keepers more comfortable with scissors and glue. In this class, Jennifer S. Wilson will demystify digital and share simple ways to use a computer for traditional scrapbooking. With software like Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop Elements, it is easier than ever to crop photos perfectly and bring beautiful type to the paper page.

All About Actions: Photoshop Actions for Beginners

Photoshop ACTIONS are a great way to speed up your photo editing workflow! In short, actions are a series of pre-set steps that alter the color, brightness, contrast, and/or tone of your image, all while you sit back and watch the automated magic. In this class, Jessica Sprague will show you how to install and run actions on your photos using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Packed with detailed info, and complete with plenty of links to free and low-cost actions, this class walks you through from start to finish. You’re sure to fall in love!

From Pixels to Paper and Back

Digital scrapbookers can’t learn anything from their paper-based counterparts, and vice-versa, right? WRONG! In this boundary-breaking class, let Traci and Lain show you that whether you are “preferentially paper,” “definitely digi,” or “happily hybrid,” inspiration comes from many sources, and creativity knows no bounds. These ladies will challenge each other to convert pixels to paper and back, all the while incorporating fun paper, digi, and hybrid techniques.
$12.95 for this video class.

Hybrid Hints for Paper People

Traci Reed is the resident Digi girl for True Scrap events, but even though she loves those pixels, she works her pocket pages in paper style… with a little help from her digi background! In “Hybrid Hints for Paper People,” Traci will show you how to use digital techniques and tools to expand what you can do with your paper pocket pages. That’s right – you can have the best of both worlds, and Traci will be your guide in getting it all!