Better Late than Never

Everyone has those orphan photos: Pictures from three, four, or even ten-plus years that you wish you’d scrapbooked, but never did. What do you do with them now? Is it really too late? NEVER! In fact, in this class, Lain will show attendees:

1. Why it can actually be great to wait to scrapbook photos and events.
2. How to choose which older pictures to scrapbook.
3. A list of questions to ask yourself and those you’re scrapbooking to get at older memories you may have forgotten

After this class, students will have a new appreciation for their older photos, and finally get those older memories into their scrapbooks!

Your purchase includes a 32-minute “Project Only” video, the full, 53-minute “Like You Were There” replay including chat and Q&A, and a chat transcript.

For the Love of (Scrap)Books

We know it’s important to get ourselves in our scrapbooks, but sometimes knowing where to start is tough. We think we don’t have anything interesting to document, or we don’t think anyone will be interested in our humdrum life.

Stop! Rewind! Survey says… XXX! (Insert obnoxious buzzer noise here)

If you love reading, you’ve got a ready-made way to document YOU in your scrapbooks. Super-reader and super-scrapper Kelli Crowe, self-described expert at talking about herself, will help you to combine your passions for literature and scrapbooking in her class, “For the Love of (Scrap)Booking.” You’ll learn how to create a reading journal, a mini book, a home decor project and full-on “traditional” scrapbook pages. Best of all, you can use these ideas to document you or any of the readers in your family.

Your purchase includes a 36-minute “Project Only” video, the full, 55-minute “Like You Were There” replay including chat and Q&A, and the chat transcript, PLUS bonus video.

Illuminated Manuscripts: Illustrating Your Journaling Bible

For years, Shanna Noel struggled to read her Bible in a meaningful way. “I always wished I was more like that, that I LOVED to read my bible, that I even wanted to, but the truth is often times I felt like it was more of a chore than anything else,” she says. One day, though, she saw an image of a Bible all marked up, highlighted and underlined, and something about that struck a chord in her. She went online and ordered yet another new Bible – but this time it was a journaling Bible. “When I started to use the journaling Bible, a light bulb went off!” she explains. “I needed to have a place in my Bible for reflection, creativity, and journaling, and that is exactly what this new format provided.” Now, Shanna has taken her discoveries and is presenting them in a cohesive manner. You can join her as she shares how she uses her journaling Bible in a colorful and creative way that allows for personal growth, reflection and illustration.

#ARTWORSHIP: Art Journaling Response to Jesus

Even as a worship leader in her church, Heather Greenwood had a hard time drawing close to God – until she started art journaling as a response to His Word. If you haven’t art journaled before or feel like you aren’t an artist, don’t worry. This will be easy – and it’s not about the art anyway! Let Heather walk you through her art worship process, including:
*reflecting on the notes
*creatively responding with paint, stamps and pens.
Let’s grab our notebooks, journals and just a few supplies and really draw closer to Jesus through our art worship.

Faithbooking: How (and Why) to Share Your Faith in Your Scrapbook

Telling her family’s story with photos and words is one of Erin Bassett’s favorite things to do, and in this workshop, “Faithbooking: How to Share Your Faith in Your Scrapbook,” she will show you how easy and gratifying it is to incorporate your faith into your scrapbooks as a way to share your testimony with your friends, family, and future generations. Many of us hesitate sharing our faith because we’re intimidated with the “how,” but Erin solves that problem! She will share handy tips on how to highlight your beliefs and share what’s on your heart, as well as ways to add the rest of your family’s perspectives into your album. You’ll love seeing how easily you can develop meaningful pages after taking this class!

Just Get It On the Page! Finally scrapbooking those photos and stories you’ve had lying around forever

You know the photos…the ones you keep putting off scrapbooking. The ones that have a great memory attached but are lousy pictures. The ones where you really don’t remember what was happening in them. The single photo of your kid pulling a wagon at age 2…or was it 3? The special photos you are “saving” for the perfect page. The thoughts and moments you want to capture but you do not even have a picture to go with them. The time is now and our mantra is simple: Just get it on the page! Together with her students, Kelli will create a system, ideas, and journaling prompts for getting these moments safely on a page.

Beyond the Box: Creative ways to add journaling to your pages

“Beyond the Box” is a fresh approach to journaling! We will focus on journaling design with a purpose. Going beyond the typical journaling block, this class helps you think “outside of the box” and create dynamic journaling design elements that support the look and feel of your layouts. We will create three layouts in which the journaling becomes a primary focal point of the page. Helpful hints and step-by-step instructions are included for each project. Additional ideas for journaling design are also included in the full color, instructional PDF to help eliminate your journaling block and spark your creativity!

All I Really Need to Know About Journaling I Learned in First Grade

Former elementary school teacher Monica Bradford says, “All I really need to know about how to live and what to journal and how to write I learned in first grade. Meaningful pages are not at the top of the magazine mountain, but there in the picture pile on my scrap table.

These are the things I learned:

All I need is an idea and a #2 pencil to begin

Story is more important than perfect grammar

A good book can be a great example

Sentence starters are for everyone

If first graders can do this…so can I.”

Join Monica as she shares these tips and more as she helps you simplify your journaling.

The Simple Things: A Creative Journal

Heidi says, “Seeking balance in my crazy life feels like the impossible! But I have learned a few things along the way that seem to help, and bring peace and clarity amid all the storms and chasms! For me, it’s taking time to notice, appreciate and enjoy the simple things and little miracles that make each day wonderful and something to celebrate.”

In this class we will take the time to create a little book for capturing those perfect little things that make everything else worth it. Heidi will be teaching some of her very favorite stenciling/misting/”pretty stuff” techniques that will allow you to make your album unique to you and simply beautiful! But that’s not all… she’s also going to supply you with 30 days of prompts and reflections to add to your book, along with little pictures and reminders of the good stuff. Get ready to see her NEW Color Shine sprays and Mixed Company collection in action!

$12.95 for this video class.

Do You Hear What I Hear? Including Your Family’s Perspectives in Your Pocket Spreads

Most scrapbookers realize that pretty soon, their scrapbooks become a reflection of their perspective on their life. And that’s great! But what about those other special people who inhabit your world? Is it possible to include more “voices” in your pocket pages? As Marcy Penner can attest, YES! Marcy will create a weekly spread in her Project Life album with a focus on adding other voices and perspectives. You’ll learn specific tips and ideas for including family members in your process, as well as where to find content that will add additional perspectives to your pages. After “Do You Hear What I Hear? Including Your Family’s Perspectives in Your Pocket Spreads,” you’ll be hearing voices – in a good way!

Outside the Lines: Creative Approaches to Adding Journaling to Your Pocket Pages

Do photos come easier than words for you? You’re not alone! As an experienced pocket page veteran, Stephanie Bryan knows that you can get into ruts, making your whole project feel like a trip to the dentist rather than the joy it can (and should!) be. Over the past years, she’s discovered ways to re-invigorate her journaling by including the stories in unique and fun ways. She’ll be sharing these techniques with you in “Outside the Lines: Creative Approaches to Adding Journaling to Your Pocket Pages.”