Oh, Shoot! Creating a Successful Daily Photography Project

Committing to a daily practice can bring oodles of enjoyment, a refinement of your craft, and some stress, too! No one knows that better than professional photographer and CaptureYour365.com founder Katrina Kennedy. She’s coached hundreds of scrapbookers and amateur photographers through the ups and downs of daily photography, and in this video class she shares her tips, ideas, and strategies for making your photo a day practice into a joyful, rewarding, and do-able experience.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Why setting your PURPOSE is one of the most important parts of your 365 project
  • Where to find inspiration and support for your journey
  • How to create a 365 project workflow that really works!
  • What to do with all those photos…
  • …And more!

Katrina also suggests resources for your project, and shares what she’s learned from over five years of her personal photo-a-day experience. You won’t want to miss this interactive, entertaining session. Your purchase includes the project video, the full, hour-long scrapinar (with chat and Q&A), and a downloadable resource guide. Don’t start your daily photography project without this class!


Want to make your project photos sing so you can submit them for publication, make them stand out in online galleries, or make your blog look its very best? In this hour-long video class, former Garden Girl and True Scrap instructor Nichol Magouirk will show you:

 How to stage your project photos for maximum impact

 Lighting tips to make your projects shine

 What camera and settings she uses to get the best shots

Photo Composition

Your view through your lens determines how your memories are preserved. But choosing what to capture can be confusing and overwhelming — after all, the choices are truly limitless! Thank goodness, we’ve got expert photographer Katrina Kennedy to show us how to explore techniques to create stronger images, no matter what camera you use.

In this class, we will cover:

•               The elements of strong composition

•               Lens choice

•               How to tell a visual story

•               Framing your subject

•               The rule of thirds and beyond

•               How to see more creatively

Creating Digital Templates for Photo Printing

Have you ever wondered how to print multiple photos on one photo sheet? Did you ever think of to printing photos or various sizes on a standard size print? I’ll demystify photo templates and explain what Photoshop clipping masks are all about — you’ll be whizzing around Photoshop before you know it!

Phoning It In: Using cell phone photos effectively

Do you snap a lot of cell phone pictures but worry that the quality is “less scrapworthy” than photos from a conventional camera? Well hold the phone, because Tami Morrison is here to dispel that myth! She’ll reveal her favorite photo apps and printing pointers to help counteract the shortcomings of your phone’s lens. Got hang-ups about choosing product and designing pages around those non-traditional photo sizes and artistic filters? Tami’s got your number! Her tried-and-true design tips and page examples will make you a smooth operator of phone photo scrapbooking in no time.

When the Lights are Low: Low-Light Photography

Tired of blurry photos with unidentifiable subjects every time the lights are low? Do you avoid taking your camera out of the bag after sunset, missing your kids’ events and special family get togethers? Photographer, teacher, author, and mom Katrina Kennedy will show you how to get better results in low light situations without using your flash AND without buying more equipment. It’s not too late to save your memories when the lights are low!

DON’T Say “Cheese:” Natural Kid Photography

Are your scrapbooks & photo albums filled with snapshots of the “say cheese” face? Do you want to capture more natural photos of your kids? Scrapbooker, photographer, and mom Katrina Simeck will show you the way with tips for natural smiles, fun posing, and candid photos (even of rebellious teens!).

Everyday Portraits: Capturing Personality Through the Lens

Are you tired of your everyday portraits looking posed and unnatural? Are you ready to capture your subject’s personality with less effort, stress, and gear? Join Katrina Kennedy as she shows you the best lenses, light, angles, techniques and a few quick edits to improve your everyday portraits. We’ll explore classic, environmental, group, and candid portraits for the everyday photographer.

The Art of the Everyday: As Seen Through Your Camera Lens

Whether you’re in the garden, at the park, or in your own kitchen, wherever you stand there are photo opportunities. But if you’re stuck when it comes to capturing those everyday visual details in a compelling way, let Katrina help! In “The Art of The Everyday” we’ll explore seven ways to make the photos of your life move from snapshots to art. Nobody melds the technical with the creative in language you understand like Katrina can. Be ready to change the way you see your world!

$12.95 for this video class.

Take Amazing Project Photos

Want to make your project photos sing so you can submit them for publication, make them stand out in online galleries, or make your blog look its very best? In this hour-long video class, former Garden Girl and True Scrap instructor Nichol Magouirk will show you: