From Pocket to Page: Pocket Cards for 12×12 Layouts

Join “traditional” scrapbooker Nichol Magouirk as she shows you how to take pocket scrapbooking style cards and use them in fresh, fun and creative ways on traditional layouts in her class, “Pocket Style Cards for 12×12 Layouts.” Learn tips and tricks for creating everything from pages entirely made up of pocket style cards to inventive ways to crop, cut and embellish these pocket-style cards to make them your own. If you love the look of pocket cards but aren’t a pocket scrapbooker, this class is for you. And if you are an experienced pocket scrapbooker who likes to dabble in all styles of scrapbooking you will still find plenty of inspiring ideas, no matter what method of memory keeping you prefer. Be prepared to look at pocket cards in a whole new way!

Your purchase includes a 32-minute “Project Only” video, the full, 62-minute “Like You Were There” replay including chat and Q&A, a project handout, and the chat transcript.

Pocket Page Planning

Pocket scrapbooking is all the rage, and it’s a great way to capture your daily life in a fun and fast manner. But planning out all the details of the photos and ephemera and journaling can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re looking for a simple way to streamline your process, let Traci Reed help! She’s turned what could be an avalanche of stories, memories, product and photos into a step-by-step process that will take you from story to spread quickly and easily. NOTE: Traci uses her personal “Life Planner” (available for purchase), but you can adapt her tips for any calendar/organizational process.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How to stay “caught up” with your project
  • Tips for spreading your tasks out across the week to be prepared when your crafting time comes
  • How to organize your photos digitally
  • Suggestions for capturing quotes, fleeting memories, and other easily forgotten bits and pieces
  • And more!

Spend an hour with Traci and me, and you’ll be ready to tackle your PL/pocket page projects! You’ll get the full webinar replay, the project video, Q&A recording, and chat… hooray!

Get Organized For Project Life

Becky Higgins’ Project Life has taken the scrapping world by storm. Whether you’re an experienced Project Life participant, a newcomer to the process, or someone who’s a bit curious but scared to take the plunge… this scrapinar is for you! Former Project Life Creative Team member Jennifer Woodbury walks you step-by-step through her Project Life process in this one-hour video class, covering:

 Selecting photos to use and subjects to photograph

 Organizing photos and supplies for easy access and quicker scrapbooking

 Planning your pages

 Creating your PL “spreads”

Pick a Card, Any Card: Using 3×4 and 4×6 Cards on Your Pages

With the increasing popularity of Pocket Page scrapbooking, there’s a plethora of AMAZING 3×4 and 4×6 cards available from a wide variety of manufacturers. Not quite sold on the Pocket Page scrapbooking trend, but love the card designs you’re seeing? Stumped on how you can incorporate these cards, typically designed to fit into divided page protectors, into your traditional 12×12 scrapbooking?

No worries, help is here! In “Pick a Card, Any Card”, Layle Koncar will share with you various ideas, tips and tricks for using these cards in your traditional 12×12 scrapbook layouts, as well as in other paper crafting projects.

This class is chock-full of content, including nine different ideas and project examples for bridging the gap between 12×12 layouts and Pocket Page scrapbooking. Join Layle to dispel the magic when it comes to creating with 3×4 and 4×6 cards!

$12.95 for this video class.

Do You Hear What I Hear? Including Your Family’s Perspectives in Your Pocket Spreads

Most scrapbookers realize that pretty soon, their scrapbooks become a reflection of their perspective on their life. And that’s great! But what about those other special people who inhabit your world? Is it possible to include more “voices” in your pocket pages? As Marcy Penner can attest, YES! Marcy will create a weekly spread in her Project Life album with a focus on adding other voices and perspectives. You’ll learn specific tips and ideas for including family members in your process, as well as where to find content that will add additional perspectives to your pages. After “Do You Hear What I Hear? Including Your Family’s Perspectives in Your Pocket Spreads,” you’ll be hearing voices – in a good way!

KISS: Keep It Simple, Scrappy! Simplifying the Pocket Page Process

So you’ve got plenty of product, plenty of pictures, plenty of memories, but not much time. Monica McNeil is right there with you! In “KISS: Keep It Simple, Scrappy! Simplifying the Pocket Page Process in Three Simple Steps” she’s going to share her methodology of batch-processing her pocket page spreads. She works on several weeks at once, and also finds time to go back to older years to deal with those pesky missing weeks. (You DO have missing weeks, don’t you?)
Jam-packed with ways to keep your process simple, “KISS” will give you the tools to actually have time to cultivate that good life, instead of spending all your time recording it. Join Monica to use your kits, preserve your memories, and showcase your photographs in a flash.

Pocket Scrapping 101: Back to Basics

As a dedicated “traditional” scrapbooker, Layle Koncar had to find a way to make pocket scrapbooking work for her – and she did it! She’s sharing her secrets to take you from pocket scrapping zero to hero in this comprehensive class, “Pocket Scrapping 101: Back to Basics.” If you’re new to pocket pages, this is a can’t miss primer for how to approach the system from Planning and Organization to Color and Design. And if you’re an experienced pocket scrapper, you’ll still find plenty of tips, hints, and time-saving secrets. This is one class you’re sure to watch again and again!

Playing Big: Adding 12×12 Photos and Layouts to Your Pocket Page Albums

Pocket pages are wonderful for capturing little moments. But what about those BIG little moments – the ones that deserve more than a 3×4 or 4×6 spot? Lillith Eeckels wants to help you get those special times into your pocket page albums. In “Playing Big: Adding 12×12 Photos and Layouts to Your Pocket Page Albums” she’ll show you how to scrapbook everyday moments in the traditional 12×12 size, and then how to add those oversized pages to your albums. She’ll also share her tips for making the whole process easy, enjoyable, and achievable. Let’s get BIG!

Outside the Lines: Creative Approaches to Adding Journaling to Your Pocket Pages

Do photos come easier than words for you? You’re not alone! As an experienced pocket page veteran, Stephanie Bryan knows that you can get into ruts, making your whole project feel like a trip to the dentist rather than the joy it can (and should!) be. Over the past years, she’s discovered ways to re-invigorate her journaling by including the stories in unique and fun ways. She’ll be sharing these techniques with you in “Outside the Lines: Creative Approaches to Adding Journaling to Your Pocket Pages.”