Stories: The One That Almost Got Away

by Lain Ehmann on September 22, 2010

This week, I’m exploring the role of story in scrapbooking as I get ready to launch October’s Layout a Day challenge. Our theme for the month-long challenge is “Story,” and we’ll be talking about how to capture the stories we want to on our scrapbook pages. If you haven’t already signed up, don’t delay! It will be a life-changing event.


The other day, I was reading one of my favorite internet marketing blogs, and the topic had me LOL’ing — literally! Nicole had challenged people to share their favorite “misheard lyrics,” and some of the responses were hilarious! The best part for me, though, was the reminder of some of our family favorites:

“The Bare Necessities,” according to Kinsey at age 4:
“The bare necessities
The simple bare necessities.
Forget about your worries and your WIFE…”

“That’s Amore,” according to Ben, at age 11:
“When the moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie

Not only did I love remembering these oh-too-funny moments (you should have seen us rolling around when Kinsey said, “Strife? What’s strife? I thought it was forget about your worries and your wife!”), I also appreciated the scrapbooking reminder.

Here’s the deal: I have been meaning to create a page — or even an ongoing mini-album — with all these misheard lyrice, misspoken phrases, and the like. But I haven’t done it yet. And if I don’t do it soon, it will be too late. So I wanted to get that project started before:

-I get too deaf to hear their funny phrases…
-They stop wanting to spend time around me…
-I forget all these cute sayings.

This is one of those stories that is very much alive with me right now, but it’s going to fade. It’s something that could easily disappear into the background of our everyday experiences, overshadowed by birthdays and graduations and “major” life events.

But I truly believe that scrapbooking these “minor” memories is just as important — if not more so — than capturing the bigger ones. After all, my kids will know they had a 7th birthday party. They’ll know we celebrated Christmas every year. They’ll even remember the trip to Disney. But they probably WON’T recall the whole “that’s-from-old-age” thing.

Unless I scrapbook it.

So look for a page entitled “Lyrics According to Us” coming your way soon. It’s on the list for October’s Layout a Day challenge. Will you be joining us?

P.S. Layout A Day LOAD) 10/10 kicks off October 1 with guest speakers Ali Edwards, Celeste Smith, Katrina Kennedy, and Noell Hyman. Sign up now – you won’t want to miss this! 
  • Jen McGuire

    You know, I love stuff like this. I need to get these kind of memories scrapped too. I think you had a Big Picture class about just that and I need to go dust that information off!

  • Danielle Taylor

    When my sister was little she refused to eat potatoes au gratin and we couldn’t figure out why – well she thought it was potatoes are rotten and she didn’t want rotten potatoes!! I had started a mini album about movie quotes and funny sayings we use all the time but it fell to the wayside thanks for reminding me to pick it back up!

  • Heather P.

    I SO get that!!! I’m only just now making that conversion to ‘story telling’ verses ‘event recording’ and often think “what a great layout that would make” after the story has evolved…if I don’t get it quick, my addled brain deletes it. :)

  • Amanda Jones

    Ahh, yes. Michael Jackson songs are easily misinterpreted in our house. My personal fave, from Man in the Mirror:

    ‘They follow each other on the wind machine.’

    Even now I have to stop and think when I hear it on the radio :)

    Lain, you’re really making my ‘need to scrap’ list stretch this week!

  • Katherine M

    My twins were singing along to “Secret Agent Man” and were actually saying “Secret Asian Man” and were stunned to learn they were singing it wrong. A few days later I was in a shop that we frequent and the same song was playing on the radio. Well, I had to laugh out loud when both of the sales girls were singing the song the same way the twins had! They too were surprised they had the words wrong. I snickered to myself all the way home, excited to tell the twins about the experience. When I got home and spilled the beans they both just smiled and said “awww we thought we got our bad lyrics from Dad…” Go figure.

  • Cheryl

    ok… not a kid one… but years ago at a job i had we used to listen to the radio while we worked and we thought “10th avenue freeout” by Bruce Springstein was saying “pink devils in the freezer” :) and this was adults

    I really need to scrap that moment in time.

  • Erin K.

    I would love to know how…other than scrapping these little moments that everyone keeps track of these..I have tried a notebook, but have misplaced it twice…any ideas?

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