My Scrapbook Studio Update!

by Lain Ehmann on June 7, 2011

Just another quick studio update. I had a great garage sale find this weekend and scooped up this:

It normally retails for $299 from IKEA, and I got it for $50 — assembled! Wowee!

It isn’t an exact match to my other furniture, but it is close enough – and it will go at the end of this kitchen island:

It gives me more counter-height workspace, and since the girls like to work alongside me, it’s great! Now, I just have to get it up the stairs. I’ve already got the drawers slated for:

1. Die cut stuff (my slice, the glass cutting mats, my Revolution)

2. Technology stuff (camera, cords, video cables, etc.)

3. Scrapbook kits that are currently in plastic bags and stored on the top of one of my Expedit bookcases in a big basket. (That works okay, but i don’t like the visual clutter).

I got one of my other Alex rolling carts all set up.

It looks like this:

The top drawer is full of artsy-type goodies:

The second drawer has all my cutting and measuring paraphernalia, like cutting blades, rotary cutters, scoring thingy, rulers, cutting mats, etc.:

The third drawer is storage for templates:

The fourth drawer is chock-full of chipboard! I use it for making my own templates, as well as for albums.

The fifth and six drawers have punches in them (the bottom three drawers are slightly deeper than the top three):

This cart is between my computer desk and my “art” desk. It’s not as close to my main scrapping space (the tall counters) as it could be, but it’s working really well for me. It’s not necessary to have constant access to these while I’m scrapping; I usually know what punches I want. And I use the things here once and put them away, if that makes sense. It’s not like adhesive that I use over and over again in a single project.

I’ll keep you updated with more changes as they unfold!

P.S. I’d love to see photos of YOUR scrapbook space! Leave a comment with a link!

  • Gretchen

    Great organization! You’re punch drawer looks like mine. Here’s a link to my room -
    It still has pretty much the same set up but some of the drawers have been reorganized. I guess that means I need to take new pics and update it on my blog… eventually! lol!

  • a1983alaskan

    Gretchen, I just popped over to your blog to view your room—–That is one  space!   Thanks for sharing!

  • a1983alaskan

    Lain, I’m afraid my scrappin’ space would scare you right now.  I’m in the middle of just trying to get stuff put away that has been out ‘way too long!  But seems like anything and everything keeps interrupting me.  I have high hopes that by the end of the summer, it will be in shape ;-)

  • Anonymous

    My stuff is spread all over… trying to get a feel for the space before I commit to anything!

  • Lzepponi

    can’t wait to see pics of the furniture in the room!  Paint looked good from your pod cast!  Looks nice and BIG!  

  • SueTR

    Hi Lain!
    Thanks for sharing your process!  We move into our new-to-us house the beginning of August and almost my entire studio is in storage with the good people of Gentle Giant in Somerville right now…have to say am kind of liking having a really spare clean space with not alot of clutter around !  And, very excited to be planning my own room from scratch.  Thanks for showing us your goodies!  Am definitely going to be looking into those drawer units from Ikea!  Are you only using that kitchen counter for your counter height workspace? 
    Have to be ready for the Mother LOAD in the fall  :-)

  • Gretchen

    Thanks so much, I’m glad you like it. I feel really lucky to have my own creative space. :-)

  • Anonymous

    It is big — but my daughters are already filling it up with Groovy Girls. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Hey Sue!
    I have two counter-height tables. I’ll get a photo as soon as the movers come to move the other one upstairs. :)
    I also have a glass-topped desk that I use for stamping and more “artsy” stuff. Hope you’re taking photos of your process, too!

  • Anonymous

    Gretchen, your room is GORGEOUS. I love all the closed storage you have. You’ve given me some good ideas!

  • danielle van ekris

    I have a scrapbook space which I have to share with two Billybookcases, a guest bed and the washingmachine…
    I have a big desk and some shelves to store my supplies. What I need is Alex, the IKEA rolling cart so I can put away my stamps and punches! Thanx for sharing the photos so i can see what fits inside the drawers!

  • smbradford

    My scrap room isn’t very pretty yet but it is very functional!  Here’s the link

  • Gretchen

    Thank you so much! I love that I have closed storage, when I see to much of my stuff, it’s almost paralyzing!  I only keep items out that I use all the time and things I find pretty/inspirational. 

  • Anonymous

    Monica, it looks great! I love your colored embellishments bins. :)

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  • Bec Kilgore

    What a deal! If I ever get my room halfway cleaned up, I will post pictures, lol.

  • Bec Kilgore

    I have wanted those Alex drawers for a couple of years now. Maybe someone will get it for me for Christmas?

  • Bec Kilgore

    Looks so nice and roomy. Like that your sewing machine is so handy, too.

  • Bec Kilgore

    Love having glass on one of my tables. It isn’t an exact fit but it doesn’t slide around so it does a good job.

  • Bec Kilgore

    Gretchen, I have seen your room in some of your videos. Love it and of course, I lust a bit over it. I always pray for forgiveness about the lusting ;). I love things out in the open but having some closed storage would sure make my little space look nicer.

  • Michelle Beeby

    So in love with your room Lain, I could totally get lost in there forever :)

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