The MotherLOAD Scrapbook Marathon

by Lain Ehmann on May 11, 2011

As you may know, I am a wannabe runner. (I run so slowly that I don’t know if it can be counted as running!) I like to think of myself as an athlete, though, along the lines of FloJo or Zola Budd:

Doesn’t that look just like me?? :)

ANYWHOO, I digress. I’m a scrapbooker. I’m a “runner.” I spend a lot of time thinking and reading about both. So it was natural that I started seeing the links between the two activities, particularly since I run half-marathons and lead others through month-long layout-a-day challenges.

So when Stacy Julian contacted me about the possibility of being one of the 4Experts for 2011, not only did I say, “Heck YAH!” I also started thinking about how to combine my two hobbies.

And thus the MotherLOAD Scrapbook Marathon was born.

Here’s the scoop: You spend July, August and September with me. We start out slow for the first two months, building up our skill and muscles. Then we’ll hit September in stride, creating a layout a day for 26 days*. Then we celebrate, Lain-style!

This class is perfect for ANY level of scrapbooker who wants to jumpstart your creativity, get out of scrapbooking ruts, or just have fun with a fantastic group of sistah scrapbookers.

I’m sure you’ll want more info, so let me send you over to the Big Picture Classes site where you can read a bunch of info, listen to an audio from me,  and get all your questions answered. Then sign up because BPC is offering a SCREAMIN’ deal right now: $20 off the three-month class!

That’s right — for a limited time, you can get three months of me for only $59. Just use the coupon code MOTHERLOAD at checkout!

Several hundred people have already signed up, so I think you need to join us! It’s going to be life-changing. And fun. :)

P.S. Based on the popularity of this class, the coupon code will be pulled soon. So don’t delay: Sign up NOW to get your $20 discount!

  • Joyfulmama

    Quick question….I’m considering taking this class with you, but I’m already signed up for Stacy’s “Finding Photo Freedom” class which runs through August 10th.  How compatible/doable do you think this combo would be?  Obviously there would be 5 or 6 weeks of overlap between the two classes.

    Thanks for any thoughts you can share on this idea!!


  • Anonymous

    Hi April-
    The first nine weeks of the MotherLOAD are somewhat light, as it’s summer time. The end is much more intense with the layout a day.
    It really depends on you and your time commitments… they are complementary in the sense that Stacy’s class is less about scrapbooking at the table and more about process, but there is some overlap.

    You might want to send the same question to Stacy, as she has a better idea of the time requirements for her class.
    Thanks! Hope you’ll join us!

  • Cindy Knickerbocker

    I would SO love to participate in this class!  Since I work outside the home 5x/week and am a single parent, I worry about the commitment.  How do people that work outside the home and only have a few hours each night get a LOAD done?  Is it possible?  Any tips?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Cindy!
    There are many people who manage to do a layout a day for a specific period of time, even with a ton of obligations. There are a few keys:
    1. Set your expectations accordingly. Know that your first priority is your family – and that while you intend to create that layout each and every day, you don’t have backup to call on if a child gets sick, for instance.
    2. Scrap fast! The first nine weeks of class are “basic training” where we talk about how to speed up our scrapbooking and get to know our style better. This will help you scrapbook more quickly. I rarely spend more than 30 minutes on a page — 45 at the most.
    3. Scrapbook in bits and pieces. Take a look at the prompt in the morning, mull it over while at work, jot some notes or design ideas on your lunch break, take five minutes to pull out product before dinner, and then when you have your quiet time, you can go right to it.

    Hope this helps — and I hope to see you in class!

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